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  1. That didn't happen because of basketball, brother...
  2. This is going to either be a home run hire or it's going to end ugly, but I love the story of the daughter only relenting to wear the colors of her dad's employer with Kentucky socks underneath. I would have gone with underwear and undershirt to protect the vital areas from corruption, but it's the thought that counts.
  3. Have you heard somewhere that Bruce is going to alter his strategy? Because I would think that with the number of fouls we commit playing Bruceball defense, having that kind of depth is kind of necessary to keep guys from fouling out.
  4. You act as if UK sh*ts gold bricks and farts rainbows. Walk-on? I would ask for some of what you're smoking, but you've got some mad paranoia going on. Bruce will retire as an Auburn Tiger. Of that, I am virtually certain.
  5. No. You're saying Bruce has done a good enough job that he should have a loud voice in who his successor will be. It's a little difficult to know how much of the job Steven has done should be attributed to his father for you to be able to say that CSP has done such a great job for the program. Now, I don't mind him being given a courtesy interview if that will make Bruce happy, but Auburn should never hire an assistant basketball coach to take over as head basketball coach. If Steven really thinks he's got the chops to take over for his dad, then he needs to take a head coaching job at a smaller program and build it up some on his own. That's the only way he's going to really know if he can handle the position of head coach, and he doesn't deserve the opportunity to learn it without his dad for the first time while at Auburn.
  6. No, it still is. It's just going to go longer despite already being long enough.
  7. Tomorrow, Feb 10 2024, will be 28 years to the day since the last time Auburn beat Florida in basketball in Gainesville. I'd say 28 years is long enough.
  8. That's a lot of words to highlight a single quote from the game commentator, but I'll take it.
  9. Ah. Well, no worries, I just thought it was odd. If this works out, maybe we should make it a tradition, starting the game thread the day before. In any case, I feel pretty good about this one now, with Nate Oates (for brains) talking smack about Neville Arena. Like he really needed to give KD Johnson a reason to get more fired up...
  10. Why was the game thread started a full 24 hours before tipoff?
  11. I, for one, absolutely LOVE this and think Oates is a frickin' dumbass for saying it. Bulletin board material is much appreciated.
  12. Amazing what a good second half can do for the confidence in your team, no?
  13. Maybe, I don't know, but does that mean they will be clearly better than us? For one thing, depth matters, but it's possible that DeBoer's system doesn't work out so well with the players that stick around. A head coaching change and the exit of about half the roster makes for a lot of questions in T-town.
  14. How did I miss this pickup? This is freakin' MASSIVE!!! It's exactly the piece we had to have to be competitive offensively next season. I don't know, maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I think Thorne can be what we need to have a good season with a better supporting cast... and the WRs we signed should provide that for him. Lewis appears to be the beef we need to shore up O-line issues, and the return of all our RBs means we're stout there, as well. Naturally, I always seem to overestimate Auburn's chances (though I had us with 7-8 wins last year preseason, and if not for two huge disappointments that should have been avoided...), but from where I'm sittin', I don't think double-digit wins is off the table for us this year. I don't know what Oklahoma has coming back, but UGA is the only team we play that should be clearly better than us, talent-wise, besides possibly the Sooners, so 10-2 isn't unreasonable **IF** I'm right about Thorne.
  15. Man, why ya gotta down the Dawgs? Mississippi State is a fellow land-grant university (i.e. cow college), and having visited there when a friend was in grad school, Starkville really isn't all that dissimilar from Auburn. It's smaller, and the stadium is smaller, and we smashed them on the weekend I visited, but the people (and not just the ones who were hosting me) were friendly before, during, and after, just like I've heard many opponents say of Auburn regardless of the outcome of the game. Now, granted, this was before 2010, and I understand there have been some misgivings between the two fan bases since the Cam fiasco, but I've always considered Miss State to be somewhat of a brothers-in-arms institution to our beloved Auburn.
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