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  1. At the end of the day, the only government in the middle East that shares any of our values, whether it be political structure or human rights, is Israel. They certainly are not perfect, but I have a feeling that if Cuba consistently launched missiles daily into Florida, our response would be anything but warm and caring. My lack of understanding right now with Israel is in why it is taking this long to complete the job in Gaza. Gaza is an extremely small land strip. It is approximately twice the size of Washington, DC. The population is dense, but the IDF is powerful with every modern intelligence capability imaginable.
  2. Seriously? You honestly believe that Biden is the cause for our slow rolling of aid to Ukraine? The current administration has been reluctant to provide U.S. weapons systems that could be used to expand the conflict beyond Ukraine's borders, but that seems to be more responsible than the alternative.
  3. She had clearly planned to be disruptive well before she accepted an invite to someone's home and thereafter acted in an incredibly disrespectful manner toward the hosts. There is a time and place for political statements and protest. The private home in which she was a guest is not the time nor place.
  4. I believe that the time may come when we have to deal with Iran. However, people like Sen Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee demanding that we do so today is just ignorant politically motivated jibberish. These same politicians are some of the same people that refuse to acknowledge Russia's close ties to Iran and their mutual assistance with regard to weapons and military strategy. It is in our best interests to keep Russia on their heels in Ukraine, while the rest of this mess is sorted. It is unfortunate, but the only diplomacy that Islamic Extremists seem to understand is mass destruction and elimination.
  5. This is a great example of one believing what they want to believe. Without going into whether or not he should have been charged with a crime, the fact is that Donald Trump did sleep with a stripper, while his wife was home with a newborn, and later paid her to be quiet about it. That is not something that is out of the norm for the man and it is not the most concerning thing about his character. Much more concerning is how he uses and discards people in his orbit based on what they can do for him at the moment. So spare me the silly argument claiming that Biden is flawed deeply because of him embellishing his law school class rank in a speech he gave in 1987.
  6. LOL. No. I do believe that he is a better human being.
  7. Had Bruce wanted the job, he would have been offered the job. Thankfully, he didn't.
  8. There is only so much you can do with an arena. If it is built in Tuscaloosa, the risk of being held up in the parking lot is exponentially more than in Auburn.
  9. There is a character difference between the two. Trump's lies are usually more grand and almost always more self serving than those coming from Biden. From Biden, they are usually more along the lines of embellishments and are rarely ever directed at individuals with any kind of motive attached. I'm sure you can find a Biden gaffe somewhere that fits both of those, but if someone doesn't see the difference between the two men in that regard, it is because they don't want to see it and no amount of actual comparison will turn that light on in their mind.
  10. Your valuable observation means even more, knowing that you took the time to click the thread and submit the reply. All that after reading an entire sentence......
  11. Not at all. I said that nowhere ever. I am referring to statements like those made by the current Speaker of the House. It is a proven false narrative when someone claims that there was wide spread fraud in the 2020 election. We know for a fact that Dominion voting machines weren't developed in Central America with hidden back doors allowing for vote counts to be manipulated. We don't have to simply consider that lie to be someone's opinion.
  12. How many shares do I have to buy to get the free endorsed Bible and a pair of shoes? Asking for a friend.
  13. All that and the Republican party still can't field a candidate to challenge him other than Trump? Sad
  14. Kentucky hires BYU's Mark Pope to replace Calipari. Pope could be the right guy when we look back a few years from now, but one thing is certain, he wasn't the coach they wanted. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/other/kentucky-basketball-coaching-search-ends-with-mitch-barnhart-having-questions-to-answer/ar-BB1luvmF
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