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  1. @augolf1716Thanks for sharing the posts on the team during the SEC tournament
  2. It was there when first posted. It was from Al.com website. I just went to that site and article is not there anymore so maybe that's why it doesn't show here. Article was about JT Thor.
  3. Really enjoyed this win. Lived in the Columbia area for 40 years before moving last spring. I think Lamont should have spent more time on that film from the earlier anomaly.
  4. Good grit at the end to finish that road win and get to 8-8 in SEC
  5. Props to those of you who are trying to provide some reason to the road loss at Florida but it seems you are fighting a losing battle with some. Auburn is a good team with lots of pieces but at this point they are not great but no knows how the season will end. No one saw the final four run coming the year it happened. One positive note from the game - Chaney Johnson had his best game of the season 9 points and 10 rebounds (3 offensive) in 19 minutes on the court
  6. These are ON3 NIL valuations. From their website, here is their methodology: On3 NIL Valuation The On3 NIL Valuation is an index that looks to set the standard market value for both high school and college-level athletes. The NIL valuation does not act as a tracker of the value of NIL deals an athlete has completed to date. It rather signifies an athlete’s value at a certain moment in time. The NIL valuation is comprised of a number of dynamic data points that focus on two primary factors – an athlete’s social media presence and their level of athletic performance. A base valuation is generated from the number of followers on each social media platform an athlete has (Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok). Each platform is weighted differently based on the number of marketing dollars that brands and advertisers typically spend on each. My takeaway of the number is that this is ON3's estimate of the worth of that team's roster. Does not necessarily correlate to the actual NIL dollars that school has IMHO
  7. I live about 30 miles southeast of downtown Nashville so was until yesterday when I got out to do a couple of errands. But temperatures are dropping significantly over next couple of days plus we had mixed precipitation late yesterday along with snowing again this morning so answer is now yes😁
  8. I was actually thankful you guys had made comments. I had forgotten the game so I got to watch the entire 2nd half.
  9. Big win. Fun to watch Mulkey lose.
  10. Some of these comments didn't age well today 😁
  11. https://themessenger.com/sports/bruce-pearl-auburn-tigers-college-basketball-ncaa-mens-hoops Jeff Goodman’s Stock Watch: Bruce Pearl Can Win at Auburn Without a True Star Bruce Pearl, Auburn OK, I was wrong about this Tigers team. I figured they would be a bubble team, somewhere in the middle of the SEC. But there’s a reason Pearl is one of the best coaches in the country. Auburn followed up a historic road win against Arkansas with a huge home victory over Texas A&M. The Tigers are now 13-2 overall and 2-0 in league play, and they’re a serious threat to win the SEC. This is a team without a true star, but Pearl has a lot of good players, including Johni Broome, veteran Jaylin Williams and young freshman guard Aden Holloway. BUY: I’ve seen enough to feel good that the Tigers are for real
  12. Does anyone know how the teams were paired for the SEC ACC challenge? I know ESPN set it up but just wondered if there was a known method.
  13. Joe Cribbs. James Brooks, and William Andrews (although he got more notoriety as a RB once he got to the NFL)
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