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  1. Starting this thread to discuss everything Olympic games over the next 16 days or so. Opening ceremony on 26th. Interesting difference: being held outside the stadium. The parade of nations will be by boat/float for each country down the Seine through Paris. Allows for anyone essentially to be able to see the ceremony in person that wants to. The destination will have the necessary Olympic protocol and show. I'm excited to see how this works out. (Funny thing is I just watched Sharks under Paris which took place in the Seine lol) Some begin tomorrow for πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡². Rugby 7s and Football.
  2. Chicago is known for having good wrestling and fight crowds. So not surprising lol. But Kamala having enough delegates committed in 31 hrs is like spoiling the ending of a good book or movie. I digress.
  3. I was just hoping to see an actual open convention just for the theatrics of it all instead of just endorsing the propaganda. Didn't even give a chance for others to win over the delegates. Then maybe it wouldn't have felt so coup-ish. She was likely still going to get the delegates. Didn't an open convention only happen once or something?
  4. Seeing a few funny comments regarding this but has Biden actually confirmed that he dropped out or that he's aware of it. Everything that's happening seems to indicate that but has he made a public appearance? In this day and age, it would be good to kill the conspiracy narrative. Just seeing a typed letter without an actual hand signature leaves the question open.
  5. Then screwed Nascar fans with a crap ending πŸ˜†
  6. Just a reminder of how Auburn used to handle basketball games πŸ˜† With us getting more guys in the league, our teams likely won't get much better but I was really impressed with that big man Fitzpatrick. He played at UAB but he had a nice stroke and knew how to use his size. Marshall got very handsy with the defense but they had fouls to give. They could be aggressive and we kept getting the ball slapped away immediately. Just 2 buckets needed and nothing. Oh well.
  7. I mean everything we needed to do to get into the Elam Ending and just blew the freak up. Unbelievable. Lol
  8. Wow. Gave up a 14-0 run to end the game
  9. Unbelievable collapse. Got to within 2 buckets and have had 4 turnovers in a row to only lead by 1. Marshall need 5 we need 4, they have ball
  10. Trying to make history. Never advanced to sweet 16 before against potentially Kentucky.
  11. Great late run to get some distance before the Elam Ending. Up 8, needing to score 8 while they need to score 16 to end it. Big 3 by the big man was a nice boost.
  12. Holy Shii TJ Dunans with jam over the big man
  13. Down 4 going to the 4th. They play 5 minutes, than the Elam Ending. Marshall started picking up the defense 3/4 the floor and up in the grill at half court. Exposed Jvon a bit. If we get away from them, our bigs are advantage. Time to get it done.
  14. Herd have been on a massive run and just took the lead by 2. They picked up the pace on rebound and playing with big energy right now. Timeout to regroup.
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