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  1. Bro, that's just it.. To me it was never about Reese vs Clark. They had a little dust up last yr. It happens in the heat of battle. I like the way Clark plays. She isn't a great defender. She has her detractors. Every good player does. AirJordan, the best to ever do it had his. It's no deeper than that to me. That was my post, no hidden agenda intended. I try to be objective with my posts. Sometimes, I don't succeed.
  2. I'm not gonna go back and forth. Not worth it. The other poster basically accused me of being racist when I didn't mention every group in the faction. You laugh emojied his post., which I guess means u agreed with him. It's ridiculous. The other poster accused me of saying it was only Black people throwing shade. Never said or inferred it. Him saying that to me is kinda ironic... Since I'm BLACK!!! LOL
  3. I didn't know it was a requirement. Maybe cats shouldn't assume so much
  4. And I gave examples. WNBA over the Ice Cube deal. Sheryl Swopes is two examples. The exact same ones u listed after me. Your agreed with me then accused me of discrimination. LOL
  5. Would I have gotten kick back if I said a certain faction of people hate on Angel Reese? They both get hated on. The OP mentioned black , not me
  6. Yep. The poster specifically said race. That's what I addressed. It was a general statement. I didn't realize I had to specifically post which groups I wasn't try to offend. I would still be posting the list if that was the case
  7. You understand what faction means...A group of people inside another group with dissenting opinions. Nothing mentioned about race or anything else. Race was never inferred, but, you and another poster took it there. Contrary to the other poster, who apparently thinks they can mind read, there was no intended reference to any particular group. Just a general statement. You and another injected race into, not me.
  8. Hint... You won't have to look hard or far.
  9. I mean.... You not wrong....
  10. I guess no more NIL is a way to say for some one to move along
  11. I believe part of that fiery rant was to try to deflect attention away from an embarrassing defeat. BP is a great salesman
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