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  1. It wasn't just a loss. They were never in the game to begin with. Most everyone here is quite acquainted to losing road games. I don't know why so many of you need to be white knight heroes. I rarely see the road game excuse used in the football forums. Nobody saw the final four run coming, but nobody saw us getting completely dominated in the other tournament games either.
  2. I think it's just frustrating that we have to live the same moments over and over. That basketball game wasn't watchable at any point. It's okay to be critical of the team and Pearl. Most of us here are ready to be set apart from the mindset of "well that's just college basketball now, you don't win on the road." It's an adversity that we need to overcome. You have to be ready for every opponent or we'll go out like the games of 2018 Clemson, 2022 Miami, and 2023 Houston.
  3. I will just expect to lose every away game.
  4. Someone said, "The game in Tuscaloosa was a nail biter, but the game in Auburn was a pillow biter".
  5. #4 in KenPom, only team in the country top ten in both offense and defense.
  6. Told y'all we'd beat the hell out of them. I lost voice in that arena tonight.
  7. Kendarius Reddick flips to UCF from AU. I guess he was more about Trovon Reed than Auburn.
  8. It is determined who gets the ball in the second half based on the possession arrow.
  9. Why don't we have anyone rebounding on any shot?
  10. I will continue to hound on the lack of effort. I don't care about other teams and their performance on the road. That's a weak minded attitude to have.
  11. I question whether some of them even watched the game. You can see Auburn standing waiting on rebounds and one Miss State player flying in with the effort. I just can't understand a 20 rebound difference. That was the difference in winning this away game by 10+.
  12. I learn not to be on Auburn 15 years ago.
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