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  1. Too Sweet!!!! Now we just need our Big 4 sports programs to catch up with Golf.
  2. Thanks for the updates Golf. Maybe next year we go deeper. War Eagle Ladies!!
  3. Dean should have got right in that ump's face & told him he would not allow him to cheat his players like that! He should have got thrown out of his last game & went out with a bang. And maybe if he had crawled the ump, he would have started getting the close balls & strikes called for the orange & blue. But that's just another example of how weak Dean was as a coach. Let's get a top notch softball coach in here now & put Dean in the rear view mirror for good.
  4. Time to Clean House on the bullpen. This is atrocious!
  5. Run rule the ever loving Crap out of these turds boyz!!!!
  6. Pleasant surprise. Hope Lowe has her confidence back.
  7. Guys, I have pulled up an old Bruce Pearl Thread that yall can discuss Our Current & Future Coaching situation on please. Thank you.
  8. Bruce Pearl & Steven Pearl discussions here please. Trying to rescue the Portal Thread. Thanks
  9. Yes, I hope Coach Frugh Heeze doesn't let PT hurt us😁
  10. Can I just give Bama a big BOO HOO (NOT!!!!)😂
  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Patience. A novel trait which most AU fans do not have at this time.
  12. What I saw after the 3 run homer was a pitcher that knew she had lost it, and wanted to come out of the game so she doesn't hurt her team any further, and an INEPT Coach too stupid to take her out. Why not put Widra in there for 2 outs? She just pitched brilliantly and shut a team out that is better than UGA. I am glad, glad, glad that idiot is leaving!
  13. Yea, that scares me every time an early commitment says 100, 200, or 1000% committed then it's usually not happening in the end.
  14. Well about a month ago i corrected someone for saying our team was embarrassing. I want to retract that correction. I now agree our team is embarrassing & we truly suck!!!!
  15. Another reason I'll be glad when MD is gone. Mattie def. got worn out & should have been taken out before this inning.
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