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  1. In a normal country the homeowner in that video wouldn't have had a firearm and wouldn't have been afraid that the people he thought was breaking into his house would be armed with guns themselves, thus necessitating his need for one, and the police wouldn't have been so heavily armed themselves. He'd open the door...possibly with a bat or stick for protection and he and the cops would have talked things out and gone on with their lives. That would be a normal country with common sense laws,. In America, everyone in that situation is armed with guns and scared to death of one another, and a situation of police showing up to the wrong house in the middle of the night turns into a wild west shootout with confusion and death being the inevitable outcome.
  2. First trailer for the game released. Didn't see Auburn featured anywhere in this one, but it looks good IMO.
  3. We're certainly a lot closer than you guys got with your Hillary "Lock Her Up" Clinton schemes. lol
  4. Neither of us have any actual "Plans". The best diplomatic minds and Middle Eastern scholars in the world have tried for decades and decades to bring a peaceful end to the Israel/Palestine situation and have failed miserably. I'm not going to pretend that I know what the best solution or the path to reach that solution is. All I know is that whatever the solution is it's going to be hard and the solution isn't going to involve bombs, invasions, or hostages.
  5. Oh yeah, My point is that even in the absolute BEST case scenario, White Christian Americans trying to reintegrate with other white Christian Americans after a war, its very hard to eliminate the resentment and pride of resistance that the losing side harbors inside of their culture. Now try it in a soceity with different races, different cultures, different religions, and a whole lot more death, destruction and animosity. Honestly, the issue of Israel/Palestinians peace and reconciliation seems like an almost impossible outcome at this point. And neither Palestine nor Israel seems to want to compromise in anything to make it happen.
  6. the Union army burned some southern cities 160 years ago and there's plenty of Southerners around today who are still sour about it, and try to keep the 'culture' of a country that existed for 4 years relevant and celebrated to this day. Good luck teaching the Palestinians that the people who destroyed their entire country and killed their family and friends are REALLY actually the good guys in the world and that they shouldn't be so hateful. like I said...good luck.
  7. That's going to be a challenge for the prosecution. Almost all their witnesses and people directly knowledgeable about Trump are going to be corrupt, lying scumbags because that's the only type of person that Donald Trump hires and associates with. They don't suddenly become fully honest people just because they turn against Trump later on.
  8. Why does Texas even bother with having prosecutors, juries, trials or judges? In cases where the governor and parole board know from day 1 that they are going to pardon someone, like they did in this case, don’t even waste so much time and money on a trial. Just have the governor announce preemptively that he’s declaring the suspect innocent of all crimes and just have him released.
  9. " Some immigrants say they are looking for work, but most — including the elderly, children and caregivers — are out of the labor force, the report said. “Immigration clearly adds workers to the country, but it just as clearly adds non-workers who need to be supported by the labor of others,” said report authors Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler. “Those who simply see immigration as a source of labor need to understand it is also a source of school children, retirees and many other non-workers. How could it be otherwise; immigrants are people.”" Above is from the article. ---------------------------------------------------------------- @creed mentioned it a bit ago, but it appears that that 54% you keep quoting is including people who don't or can't traditionally work including underaged children, elderly, disabled, stay at home mothers, etc. That's a much different scenario than it being 54% of all the working age adult illegal immigrants just choosing not to work.
  10. Good luck finding all these legal Americans who are willing to pick crops or work construction in 90 degree heat for the same wages that McDonalds pays.
  11. Did you just copy-paste this from the Libertarian Party website?
  12. no, we're locked in. It's do or die time. We had a moderate Dem who primaried Joe Biden and got crushed. No Labels took a strong look at running and decided a moderate candidate didn't have a path to the white House in this election. For the most part there isn't a prominent, proven moderate candidate out there who is actually popular. The idea that some magic, mythical Super Moderate political candidate that will pull the country together and have the nation singing kumbaya by a campfire holding hands is a cool idea, but I don't see that it's based in reality. I don't agree that Biden's problem is that hes "too far left" on issues. He's behind because the middle and lower classes are hurting because of inflation, and higher prices. It doesn't matter that inflation is a world wide problem, or that COVID caused it, or that Biden has stopped from getting worse, or that Biden can't force private corporations who are reaping historically high profits to decrease prices back to more normal. People are hurting now and want to punish the politician that's been in power when the problem started.
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