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  1. A little of both. Plus he badly wanted to score the game-winner the play prior to Byrum’s kick. He tried bulling ahead, but the play-call was a kneel-down, thus the OL didn’t block. I was elated Byrum made the kick, but in retro, wish Dyer or Cam would have won it. I believe Cam would have won it had the play-call been a QB sneak.
  2. I made and posted this pic on another forum back in 2010. Cam's new interview has shocked no one inside the AU family...
  3. I don’t believe Donovan has forgotten how to speak with entitled kids. He still gets daily practice.
  4. Nope. Donovan’s Thunder choked away a 3-1 series lead against the Warriors in the 2016 WCF. That’s the series Klay Thompson went beast mode and became “Game Six Klay” by hitting 11 threes in Game 6. Then Durant left for the Warriors and Donovan never saw past the 1st Round again.
  5. UK gave thought to shelling out 33M to fire Cal. Doesn’t matter what you are being fed…UK will go after whoever they want and make them tell them no, regardless of buyout. They would be idiots if they didn’t ask Oats for an interview. And we know UK aren’t idiots. Scott Drew will be around 3rd or 4th on their list. Doubt 2 or 3 guys tell UK no thanks.
  6. Yup I mentioned this earlier.
  7. Was the first one and done for AU since 1984, but yes, point taken on Bruce’s record at AU in the post-season minus 2019.
  8. Yup I knew when they booted the elf from Bad Santa and got Oats, they were cooking with gas. Be more than ecstatic to see him move to Lexington.
  9. Yup this. Billy Donovan a name that Thamel mentioned, but UK would have to wait at least 2 weeks to get him. Not sure they wait that long unless he gives them a verbal. But he’s been out of college 9 years…not sure if he would want back in.
  10. Bruce will follow the Saban blueprint and be working for ESPN when his contract runs out in 6 years. UK wants more than 6 years.
  11. Most college bball games weren’t televised in the early 80s so no clue.
  12. There’s a reason he was on CBS last Saturday.
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