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We gain points


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In the latest ESPN poll we gained points while both USC and Oklahoma lost...this is a good sign.

Here are the numbers: (last week's numbers are shown in parentheses)

USC: 1514 (1516)

Oklahoma: 1452 (1459)

Auburn 1416 (1409)

Wisconsin 1289 (1262)

Georgia 1233 (1221)

California 1203 (1200)

We went from 50 points behind Oklahoma to 36. With Oklahoma's easy schedule the rest of the way and out togh schedule, I would say we have a great chance at #2, should we win out.

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:au: IF we win out we will play for the national championship. Our three toughest games of the year are coming up. This next one is the biggest. If we win that one, then our next game is the biggest! If we keep winning we will gain ground in the polls. :au:
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