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  1. I think we will always be in that 8-15 range. I am ready to break the top 5, and the biggest selling point will be results on the field. We need a big jump in offense productivity.
  2. Yes, but things changed A LOT this year. This is not like last year. So you can't compare it to last year as we have two additions to a new conference, and UGA hasn't even started yet. You got a couple of new coaches, and this is not an Auburn wildcard-coached team from Hugh Freeze. But some of you guys will learn the hard way.
  3. Long way to go but not thinking this class get the hype it was getting early on this year. All things can change this fall.
  4. Alleged 180k is jack s*** now. Imagine what he really could’ve gotten during this day and age.
  5. exactly. This will be the key for quite a few of the top recruits.
  6. I mean UK basically put all the heat on Cal for early exits, doubt they would be looking at Pearl based on the recent track record.
  7. I think the concept is pretty easy. With more pay , more resources , comes more responsibility. I feel like our fans try to rationalize away a lot of things , while also having hatred for the other side because of their success.
  8. The funny thing is he has tried to bring in somebody and the Auburn degree/credit thing strikes again.
  9. welp. Incredible run the last two years by UCONN.
  10. Well, if the guard play wakes up Purdue for sure can make a game of it. Edey is the best player on the court but he needs help.
  11. still think the game will get away from Purdue, eventhough I want Purdue to win.
  12. I don't think so tbh, which is amazing.
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