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For those headed to Atlanta


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I know y'all are all pumped up (and rightly so) but please be careful out there. It's always some other idiot that causes the accident when you're just the slightest bit distracted, so get y'alls butts to where you're going. Then turn your focus to partying and beating the holy crap out of the Viles.

Have a great time!!!

It ain't over yet.

One at a time, baby!

War Damn Eagle

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Thanks jaydubb. We will be heading out at about 12:00 today. (Lovelly Bride MUST stop by the MALL in Douglasville to do some Christmas shopping.) :blink:

A small price for me to pay to see the TIGERS play ! ! ! :thumbsup::football:

WAR EAGLE...O N E at a time. :au:

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