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One NCAA-USC Whitewash complete, one more to go...

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Players Required to Provide More Housing Details

By Gary Klein, Times Staff Writer

August 15, 2006

USC players on Monday moved out of their training camp dorms and into the apartments where they will reside during the fall semester.

In any other season, that might not be significant.

But with one NCAA investigation involving living arrangements recently concluded and another ongoing, USC's compliance office required players and their parents to submit more detailed information about where they reside.

"We're just trying to find a little more out, trying to just be more aware of what's going on for obvious reasons," Coach Pete Carroll said.

The NCAA last week reinstated the eligibility of All-American receiver Dwayne Jarrett, who last season shared an expensive downtown apartment with former quarterback Matt Leinart. Jarrett was ruled ineligible for receiving an "extra benefit." Jarrett had paid only $650 toward the $3,866 rent, most of which was picked up by Leinart's father.

Pacific 10 Conference and NCAA investigators want to know if the family of former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush received improper benefits from a fledgling marketing company while Bush was playing for USC. Bush has said his family did nothing wrong.

At the start of training camp, USC players were required to sign a form detailing where they would live, whom they would live with and how much they would pay in rent.

"They don't want it to happen again," junior safety Josh Pinkard said. "Basically, nobody wants it to happen again. So they're taking precautions."

As in the past, players also submitted their driver's licenses and registration information about their cars.

Carroll said cars are monitored throughout the school year.

"What's happened in the past, if somebody came up with a car from the family and we thought it was something we needed to know about, we'd check into it," said Carroll, who is starting his sixth season. "We've done it probably a half-dozen times over the years."

In a recent meeting with parents, Dennis Slutak, USC's director of football operations, gave a presentation detailing NCAA rules. It was among the largest parent turnouts of the Carroll era. Parents were required to acknowledge that they were informed of the rules and they also were supplied with a copy.

"We've always talked about the stuff, this time we gave them a little handy handout," Carroll said. "I know that even without doing anything, their awareness is elevated."

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