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  1. You don’t know anything. If you think you do, you need to get back on your meds. Was an Ass-whipping part of it? Sure. But raising a child with love and discipline brings out the best of kids. Letting a child never see consequences is an act of child abuse but so is not loving them.
  2. Wow. A colloquialism for spanking is now illegal? I hate that in America many think that saying no to anything, anyone, at anytime is just too much for our poor children to bear… BS.
  3. Thank you for your driveby analysis. Dismissive as always when confronted with anything that counters the narrative.
  4. Whatever you say man, I am truly sorry I wasted the time coming here to deal with fools like yourself.
  5. And of course you would state something like that...GFY
  6. IDK, I am famous in my family for giving my son 4 good whacks at church one day. I went into the backyard to work on the pool. My wife was keeping the staff kids for an early morning staff meeting so she went on in early. My 6-7-year-old son watched me change into my suit as I went to work on the pool. He was on the couch. He must have been about half asleep. He kind of came to himself and even though the pool door was still open he decided his mom and I had left him at the house and went on to church. He got himself dressed, got his bible, and got the hungover as hell neighbor from across the street to take him to church. His wife was out of town and he thru the wildest party we have seen here in the neighborhood in 30 years or more. They left my backdoor open, the garage door up, and my truck in the driveway. How both of them didn't notice my truck IDK. I came into the house, could not find my son, found the backdoor open, and garage door open, and guessed he had been kidnapped or had walked out of the house. I tore up and down every street in the neighborhood doing 90+ looking for him. I called my wife and daughter innumerable times and neither one would answer the phone. Two women with phones permanently glued in their hands. You never see one without a phone in their hands, EVER. At this point, I HAD TOTALLY FREAKED. TTTOOOTTTAAALLLLLLYYYY FREAKED. I was likely seriously close to a heart attack. I was dialing the Decatur Police Dept when a strange number dialed my phone. I answered truly expecting it to be a kidnapper who was likely sexually abusing my son. Instead, it was a lady from the church calling me to tell me that Ethan had arrived with a strange man driving him up to the church. I figured out what had happened at that point. I went to the church, after having THE WORST ******* DAY OF MY LIFE, I didn't calm down till late in the afternoon. I found my son and discussed it with him and took him into the bathroom and circle-beat him with four sound whacks across his ass. It was so loud that every child and teacher in the children's building heard it. My son has been in trouble only one other day in his life. He finished school with a 4.16 and ranked 11th in his class. He got a full scholarship to JSU and will graduate in 3 weeks or so with 3.96? GPA and on the President's List. So, circle beating is sometimes warranted and can be very successful in correcting behavior.
  7. Reprimanding kids is what parents are supposed to do. Love is not being a helicopter parent.
  8. So your point is that he is a "good" liar?
  9. Yea, I know I am probably going to hell for this one, BUT somehow I know Norm MacDonald is up in heaven laughing at this.
  10. I am a Practical Realist who knows history. When you are dealing with Islamic Zealots, you must deal with them just as we dealt with the Nazi Zealots. The heart of these new zealots go back to WWII and they had quite a relationship with the Nazis even back then. They had post war Nazi advisors. The links here could go on and on. Anti-Semitism breeds strange bed fellows. Seriously homer, why do you think that Jordan and Egypt will not take a single Gazan Refugee? Postwar Career of Nazi Ideologue Johann von Leers, aka Omar Amin, the "First-Ranking German" in Nasser's Egypt
  11. I read the papers. They are THE PARTY of the Billionaire. They care nothing about the middle-class and consider them to be the "basket of deplorables." No one in the middle-class supports the DNC, it's why they are lining up behind trump.
  12. I will again, vote FOR someone to be determined. I am just over voting AGAINST any candidate. I voted against Kerry in 2004 and then left the Republican Party in 2005 after coming to the realization that Bush43 really was that stupid. 2008 was just the icing on the cake with the collapse.
  13. And if you thought I disputed one word of that, you were simply mistaken. I want a raised minimum wage, M4A, free college for 2 years and free trade school. Lets start there. I support all the things that the LGB Community has gotten over the years. Did you know that the strongest marriages statistically are MM? I want Free Speech for all. The very idea that one person in America could even publicly state that they supported " The Ministry of Truth" just shows us how far we have failed. I don't want America from 10-20-30-40-50 years ago. I would like to see something like Gene Roddenberry's vision for us going forward. At the same time, I clearly see, as do many LGB people that some in the Trans Community have gone completely off their rockers.
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