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  1. No. Other schools have scholarships from gambling money PLUS more NIL for baseball than AU has.
  2. It came to this in part because every one of those 15 games was against a team ranked in the top ten nationally. Add in no scholarships from gambling money and not much NIL for baseball and we are where we are. Coach Thompson has proven that he can win when he has the right pieces. AU baseball is going to need a boost from somewhere for us to be competitive again. The problem isn't the coaching, the coaching has got AU into the CWS, baseball's "Elite Eight" in two of the past four tournaments. The problem is the support, which is sadly lacking.
  3. Won't happen. Coaches don't think like that. Their main objective is to win the next game, regardless. Player development can come in practices and the off-season. If a youngster wins a spot, great but he won't be starting just to get experience.
  4. Loyalty to teammates, classmates, school don't mean a damn thing? I can't imagine that Arky has a ho-hum approach to basketball. Anyway, she could probably have gone to any university she wanted, so I'm glad she picked Auburn.
  5. I have one question: WHY? Why transfer from a program where you are being highly successful? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to get a player of this caliber but a lot of things that happen in this era of open transfers leave me puzzled.
  6. Stock prices rise when business is bad, people buy when they anticipate a bounce, such as when a Democrat leaves office and a Republican takes over.
  7. Sad but true. That two-run error on a routine grounder at 3rd base was a killer. Stuff like that keeps happening to this team. "Snakebit" is a term that seems to apply. All a team can do is shake it off and come back today expecting better things.
  8. The same can be said of being a fan. Big difference is that a fan can walk away, say nuts to it and take up fishing. The coaches have to make a living at it.
  9. It will have to pass the voting public and I'm not sure enough of the public knows to make the connection.
  10. 6:30 Central on ESPN U. Yes, the season has been disappointing so far but consider: In our first four SEC series we have played nationally ranked #1 Arky, #3 A&M, #4 Tenn and #7 Vandy. There isn't another team in the country that has had to run such a gauntlet. Now #8 Kentucky comes in. Lets don't lose heart, there are better days ahead. Coach Thompson is the right guy for Auburn. He can and will do better in coming weeks. He has had our Tigers in two of the last four College World Series. That's equivalent to basketball's "Elite Eight". Very impressive for a school who has no scholarship money from gambling, which many other SEC schools enjoy.
  11. In my lifetime I've heard scientists, experts, and so forth warn of the impending next ice age, acid rain killing trees and crops, the shrinking ozone layer giving everyone skin cancer and several other scenarios of impending doom. The current fad is global warming. All of these horrible things were/are allegedly caused by human activity. Why should anyone believe the present fear mongering? The world may be getting warmer. It's been either warming or cooling for millennia. I'm not going to worry about what a bunch of crackpots and politically motivated loudmouth types claim now. I've seen all of this bull crap before.
  12. This has been one of our better hitting teams in recent memory. Why we didn't hit ASU pitching is puzzling. Of course, Ike Irish and Bobby Pierce being held out didn't help but AU still should have scored a bunch. Lets hope the missed hits will show up against Kentucky starting tomorrow.
  13. Because if they say this year is the year readers will remember it and poke fun at them. They can keep on saying next year until hell freezes over, no-one will remember and they can appear to be optimists.
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