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  1. So you just want them hung without representation? The case has worked its way up to the SCOTUS, let the process work.
  2. Those idiots are paying, it’s the grandmothers and veterans that just walked into the capitol, took a couple of pics and left those are the ones the SCOTUS is deciding on.
  3. You’ve convinced me, you’re not voting for Trump.
  4. And? If the SCOTUS finds they were overcharged, how many of these maybe released? It was an ugly day, no doubt, but the DOJ has been a little over zealous. IMO
  5. If they were overcharged, It will help. The ruling will not affect all J6 defendants.
  6. If all you care about is how we compare to the G7, he’s your man.
  7. The SCOTUS is deciding if the charges the DOJ has charged a lot of J6ers were overcharged. We shall see.
  8. As Barr said, electing Trump maybe like playing Russian roulette, but Biden and the left is national suicide. Biden is not good for the future of America and who would be worse? Kamala Harris who would be president within 2 years if Biden is reelected.
  9. No he wasn’t, the plane he was a passenger on lost both engines at a low level and ditched into the ocean. One person survived the crash and a subsequent search found no survivors. I guess you believed every lie Biden tells without question. You’re in a cult.
  10. He is a sorry SOB because he tells a lie to get sympathy and then tries to tie a debunked *suckers and losers* hoax to Trump. You are correct this election is depressing, but here we are.
  11. Please. He said his uncle was shot down over New Guinea and there were a lot of cannibals there at the time and they never found his body. Why would he even mention cannibals if he didn’t think his audience would surmise his uncle was eaten?
  12. The point I was trying to get over is without the scammer the Uber driver would have never been there. Without the scammer the old guy would not been aware of why the Uber driver was even in his driveway. I am not excusing what the guy did. This answer applies to @Gowebb11as well.
  13. If the guy was told an Uber was sent to pick up a package and it seems he thought she knew more than she did. They will never catch the scammer so this guy will pay the price.
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