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  1. It’s never to late when Coach Garner is involved
  2. I guess we are now back hard on the Hall train.
  3. No new info still has at least a couple more OVs unless he just pulls the trigger out of no where.
  4. I think AU or Miami but you could be right. They definitely have momentum on their side for most players they target.
  5. From my understanding we are in it still for Cain, DJ, and Mark-Anthony Richards. We are scrambling a little but 2 of those 3 would be a great haul for our offense.
  6. Kid is very excited about AU. Staff very excited about this kid.
  7. JJ with a great season but finished the season 52 yards shy of the single season receiving yardage record for the state.
  8. I’ll say a mix of Ryan Davis and Hastings. He’s got deep threat ability as long as it’s not jump balls. Plus he might have a higher ceiling of top end speed compared to Ryan Davis.
  9. I’d say the odds are in the favor of your prediction but I wouldn’t count out Hewitt-Trussville or Mountain Brook. Any of those 4 plus PC could win the state title and not surprise me at all.
  10. Interested to see how this week plays out. Got a sneaky feeling Mountain Brook upsets Hoover, not sure why I feel that way they are just so disciplined on defense.
  11. Probably not a lot. He could break the record tonight against Thompson we shall see. Same games same locations as the week 10 games. HT at Thompson and Mountain Brook at Hoover.
  12. I don't know about all that. Haven't heard that anywhere. I kind of saw him more as the 2back set H-back, hand on the ground TE, and sometime the Flex-TE but he is a very physical blocker but haven't heard he's a project OL.
  13. You mean hand on the ground TE? not OL... I would say Deal would be more hand on the ground then Fromm.
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