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  1. Need to run some Hi-Lo with Cheney and Broome, stress their big men in foul trouble
  2. You sound like my MiL. 🤣
  3. Still praying, 50. Maybe I need to pray for my own patience.
  4. Impatiently waiting for news., 50
  5. Prayers up tonight, @aubiefifty. Rest easy, you're in good hands.
  6. Big time pick up! Love getting into Buford early
  7. It's a double edged sword. On one hand I feel BP knows what's best for AU and think CSP provides the best continuity in recruiting and System...plus BP would still "help". On the other, It'd be nice to see CSP leave for a year or two and take over a lower tiered program to prove to AU he's ready. IMO, there's no right answer but if it means keeping the train rolling as is, then do what's necessary for us to stay on the tracks
  8. https://uhcougars.com/news/2023/6/13/mens-basketball-kelvin-kellen-sampson-sign-contracts-with-mens-basketball
  9. That's a good report! Praying each hour is easier than the previous. Rest up and don't push it. War damn Mims!
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