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  1. I find an 8 win season overall “progress”, and refuse to start lowering the ceiling to 6-7 for Hugh. He improved us recruiting and in the portal, so I expect better than Harskins. 8-4.
  2. Aye, Cap’n!! @JMR is the more outgoing type you know, so he posts and generates high reply-count threads, whereas I’m super shy and LURK more! Seriously, quite the AU community you’ve created here! Bravo! E5
  3. So very kind of you, RunInRed! Coach and I have a ball producing this opinion, AU content, and hilarity during the 'ball season! Greatly appreciate the exposure here for thy minions! E5 / Doug
  4. Come on down, bruh! I'll be helping Takeo with the book signing from 10:00 am to Noon at J&M bookstore at Toomer's Corner!
  5. Um, the whole, "went viral" thing? I'd say this well reasoned, fact-buttressed CGM "action plan" certainly qualifies! Very, very well done, StatTiger! E5
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