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  1. As God originally intended, but damn human error.
  2. Again, I’m not suggesting blanket adoption. If I run a company, I’m scrutinizing the competition to see what they do well and what we may adapt. But the conservative default has long be derisive dismissal. There are reasons for this, which at the point of origin, probably aren’t rooted in ignorance, but self interest. I was raised with this propaganda and largely believed it. Travel opened my eyes. Further research opened it more. All that said, I believe in democracy and you have to sell it. That’s a tall order and no one is doing it particularly well. Bernie was more effective than most, but still too ideological. There’s a pragmatic case to make for doing somethings differently. For example, focus on what’s not working— health care premiums, copays, out of pocket expenses. Focus on which alternative systems work best. Detaching health insurance from particular jobs frees entrepreneurial opportunity- there’s a capitalist case for universal healthcare, and I don’t mean just enriching insurance companies that most people already hate. What elements make sense? What works better? What can we tweak or adjust? It’s poor management/leadership to not ask those questions. It’s poor management/leadership to not recognize the challenges to change, also.
  3. But go nuts at what, exactly? One of the selling points of federalism is having 50 laboratories to try things out and see what works and what may be adapted elsewhere. We’ve long thought that other countries should be more like us— and for years we had processes and approaches that others adapted. It’s obviously overly simplistic to expect a huge, diverse country with our history to adopt broad wholesale changes overnight based on much smaller, homogeneous countries, but I often see these countries dismissed out of hand with little (and usually no) analysis which seems unwise and counterproductive. I’m always curious about what other organizations (and in this case countries) do well and what can be learned. A few years ago conservative social media went crazy over a report that McDonald’s paid $20 an hour in Denmark. It was broadly panned as “socialism” run amok and paying low skill menial labor too much. Then we soon after reached the conclusion such labor is “essential.” I revisited Denmark shortly after and was curious about the McDonald’s. Visited a few different venues. Most efficient, well-run McDonalds I’d ever visited and the prices were pretty in line with ours. Even an attractive “value menu.” Employees were sharp, friendly, fast-moving and looked like folks who could work in any office. What’s the problem? Why the derision? When certain countries consistently report the highest level of life satisfaction, surely they are worth examining for possible improvements, aren’t they?
  4. Don’t you rely on the Bible to know Christ’s teachings?
  5. I don’t think we become Denmark for many reasons. But I see most people mischaracterizing “European socialism,” so I was wondering what your specific issues are with it. The stores and malls I visited were higher end than most here, well stocked and doing brisk business. The airports are much nicer. Even a country like Portugal, I’ve seen food courts in department stores that were mind blowing. Most Americans criticizing it have no clue, but I know you do— thus my question.
  6. Let’s take Denmark, for example— what do you like? Take issue with?
  7. Bernie hit a chord in 2016– on progressive economics with little mention of identity politics. If democrats could hone that message they’d get a lot more traction.
  8. Pretty low key, perfunctory boom. No punctuation, but at least he capitalized the first letter.
  9. This. When I was young, folks had guns, but few had gun fetishes. Gun fetishes are common now.
  10. It took Ross Perot doing 30 minute commercials to sell the American public on taking action on the debt. Since him, few politicians have wanted to risk prescribing unpleasant medicine. Part of me thinks a clear thinking, common sense, non partisan candidate could have some success with a no-nonsense problem solving approach. That won't happen as long Trump dominates the Republican Party. He has no interest in solving problems. Every instinct he has is totally self-serving. He will poo poo any solution and for some unknown, bizarre reason he has a strangle hold on the GOP. Reelecting him kills any chance of solving anything. If he loses again, maybe a problem solving "conservative" can get a toe hold. Such a person who doesn't alienate independents will put pressure of the Dems to be problem solvers. Strengthening Trump is a disaster for the country. Biden winning doesn't really strengthen Democrats or any other candidate. It would begin the 2028 election on both sides.
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