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  1. You asked me 2 questions and made a statement needing clarification. Understanding the Bible is the only way you would understand answers. Not asking you to believe it. I said read about it. You really don’t care about answers though. You are doing nothing more than looking to argue. Disparaging the internet because you have a history of conclusion then posting back up from a 9 page opinion by some wacko.
  2. Hit air? Don’t you mean intercepted. Don’t think you can just “yawn”.
  3. Was a beautiful day at the park and great crowd.About all there is to say about it.
  4. You taking a survey today? JJ answered you and you did nothing but laugh.
  5. Called it night after 8. Unlike me but tired and had enough. Think I will try and attend this afternoon. Love to spend an afternoon at the ballpark.
  6. All pitches are called from the dugout and sent per the “new age” communication device in players hat. Looked like KY pitches wear a wrist device. I liked the old body and hand signals from the coach and 1 is fastball, 2 is a curve, 3 is a change up. Loved to see ingenious ways people came up with to steal signals.
  7. No. Reading the internet for research is not a “bad thing” and you know it.
  8. I know. You would be showing a 4YO some goofy chart. You completely missed what I said genius.
  9. Read about it and I don’t mean through google search that fit your narrative. Seriously doubt you would understand. You don’t care to. May as well be talking to about how Jacks bean stalk grew overnight.
  10. I would say last nights loss was a total team and coaches effort. 4 straight two out singles and if memory serves me three of those hits came with 2 strikes. We are out of that inning with no damage if Weiss is in position. Apparently had the shift called with 2 outs and 2 strikes. Baffled. Article passed on to me by J C
  11. @auburnatl1 just gave one. Do your own search.
  12. “Neglect”? You just blab too much in want of being an argumentative jack @$$ Brother Homer.
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