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  1. From what I read, the new co-op between Big10/SEC will land all this at same time ( beginning with biggest linchpin of rev sharing).
  2. Pretty sure he knew he was gone soon. From what I heard they moved from within bc that is what they could afford at this point. Apparently money is tight until Big 10 money starts flowing.
  3. I don’t see this happening. UCLA needs Big 10 style coach.
  4. I read that he was looking at making 2 of the coaches they were afraid of loosing CO-OC’s probably trying to keep them. Not sure if it will keep them out of NFL though. Big deal to loose OC, Ol, and WR coaches all at this time.
  5. I read an article that stated Harris did not help his draft status at senior bowl, but when I watched the game, he was called out several times for outstanding plays. I think he did help himself.
  6. Especially if he was a WR!!
  7. You have something against high rise Khakis? I can’t imagine a problem with these. Lol
  8. Our own fault on the choices of headcoaches moving on ( we asked them to move on). On Assistant coaches some got better/ more preferred roles, and some were asked to move on. In the assistant case, I don’t think we do much different than anyone else. We get the right HC and he should hang for awhile.
  9. I thought they already allow professional athletes to play olympics in the same sport they make a living in (basketball for instance).
  10. I especially like the way they are dividing up the responsibilities. Durkin taking over LB’s is good move I believe.
  11. Freeze will probably look for someone he is familiar with.
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