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  1. Agree. Write your concerns to your state and local representatives if you had that issue in the district you live.
  2. You don’t get a pass due to age or status with me. Maybe they were the ones pushing the others, just like Trump, to do the dirty work so they could say hey I was there and I have pics. Sometimes a legal ass whooping is what’s needed for a grownup attitude adjustment.
  3. Over Zealous? I don't think the DOJ has seeked monetary damages. I want every one of these idiots to pay for all the damage because I don't want a dime of my taxes paying for the repairs.
  4. Two pages of asinine responses to a simple conclusion, which is this senator was an idiot for stating this DA statement. His constituents should determinine his mental health and make a decision if he is fit for office. Our government has too many characters and bad actors running around in its halls preventing real issues from be worked.
  5. Own your own. What investment tools are using you for research, analysis and selection? Seriously I’d like to know.
  6. Not mine. Well just a little. I requested middle of the road strategy like I suppose most people would choose and expected Merrill Lynch to execute. Middle of the road portfolios are not unique and I bet most professional financial advisors have the same companies in their various investment choices. I’m getting close to breaking even, but it’s taken close to 24 months.
  7. Supposedly some of the Iran missiles were launched from Iraq. I thought the US was engaged with the Iraq government from a security, governing and diplomatic perspective. So what gives with Iraq hosting missile launches for Iran?
  8. And yet I’m still negative since 2022 on a professionally managed diverse portfolio. Just goes to show how bad 2022 was from an investment standpoint.
  9. That statement makes no sense to me. If i was a citizen of Isreal and my commander and cheif just yawned (oh well) and did nothing I would be concerned. What if that happened in America, should Biden yawn?
  10. Whatever Biden does he should do it from a position of strength evident to our allies. The public (us the citizens) may not know Biden’s response but our allies should.
  11. You laugh then kick his ass so the bad ass dude who is next has second thoughts on testing you.
  12. So I guess if Iran had better missiles or if Israel had weaker air defense then it would warrant a strong US response.
  13. I don’t know all the details and neither do reporters, but does the US (Biden) want to appear weak to its allies? I don’t think so.
  14. You were lobbed a softball and you took it to the yard. Lol
  15. And deforestation to feed a growing world population that is estimated to continue to grow, which will only assist to increase global warming. .
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