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  1. So the NC2A has no legs to enforce. And a Fed Judge from Tenn just greenlighted legalized buying of players. Well we will see whose alumni has the deepest pockets…..
  2. JMO - but CBP only leaves if he does not get the apparel company he wants and a men’s BB facility.
  3. NCAA should just shut down and let it all goto hell. Then watch congress and universities try and figure out a fair and equitable solution…….that won’t take long at all.
  4. Now that the at the first domino of bama’s 2024 recruiting class has fallen, As well as their Leading receiver, starting linemen and experienced running backs. How long before Jalen Milroe looks around and says “nope, out of here”.
  5. Home game, first full week of school back from holidays, student section should be jacked!!!!
  6. Mel Tucker is available…….hahaha
  7. Byrne may have started a clock think every coach in America would want the Bama job. But what would be nice is the coachs they want saying thanks but no thanks, I am not gonna be the guy after Saban. Call me when you have fired 2 coaches after Saban and we will talk.
  8. How pissed would Texas be if Sark jumped
  9. Well hind site, he did buy a house in Florida in August
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