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  1. I have never said Bama has never cheated because they all do. I guess I missed the subtle dig but you missed a fact about donations by boosters.
  2. 9-3 or 10-2 Both are very possible. Georgia and Bama could be sure losses but the iron bowl is insane sometimes. Oklahoma will have a new QB and y'all got them at home fairly early. A&M has a new coach. Lets see how that works out. Missouri is up in the air. They had a great year last season but can they duplicate it. I think AU will have a good year in 24. Not trying to be Mr. good bama fan here but just an honest opinion. No doubt y'all start off 4-0 easy.
  3. From 2005-2022 Auburn boosters were more generous than Bama boosters for athletic donations. https://247sports.com/longformarticle/college-sports-top-donors-ranking-the-most-generous-athletics-boosters-214986422/#2225305
  4. The middle east problems goes back to two people. Isaac and Ishmael............
  5. I agree but the ultra rich in the world know the money is in war and pharmaceuticals.
  6. I remember the OJ trial well because I was juror on a capital murder case in SE Alabama going on at the same time. Money makes all the difference.
  7. Is this what you live for? No doubt a bad situation but UW AD made the final call.
  8. Bama totally surprised me this tournament.
  9. Does Sam keep his portfolio or is it gone?
  10. I do have 1435 posts on this site. I am not a stranger.............
  11. I just hope Bama doesn't lose by more than 15. For a football school, not bad this year and last year they were better.
  12. Don't blame me but UCONN is ridiculously good. They have won their 4 games by 39, 17, 30 and 25. That is insane.............
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