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  1. Had a chance to get the lead and he wasted it it with his reckless dribbling and breakneck pace. His 3 point shooting was gone down the stretch of this season and he still chucked them up
  2. Bruce needs to find players with poise. This team has too many low IQ players Shame a good season get wasted by selfish play. Bruce has to own the fact that he can't get it into their heads that the playoffs are different and it's time to focus and you won't be able to get away with stupid plays. He likes the fast and loose style which is great in regular season - but now possessions are precious and we wasted like 6 or 7 in a row with dumb plays.
  3. Wish Butch would lay off the bunt stuff - gave away a free out and now we are smashing the ball.
  4. More punt fielding fun!!!!! Think they would have addressed that after Bama
  5. Not that it matters - but wasn't there hands to the face by the Maryland DE there - hand basically pushing facemask up
  6. Going to be a long year if CHF doesn't fix this in the portal - sorry but Thorne is blind as a bat and his arm is washed
  7. Do we have some other OLine guys - lets see if someone wants to block.
  8. I guess holding is not going to be called today
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