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  1. Shoulda woulda coulda…that’s life. I’m glad an Auburn man gets to live out his dream somewhere, even if it’s not with us. And hopefully we’ve got the right guy at the helm to make it happen sooner here rather than later.
  2. Had Bo stayed at Auburn, he’d never be anywhere near what he’s been at Oregon…didn’t have the offensive line, receivers, play callers, coaches, or team that Oregon does. It’s apples to oranges. Glad he’s doing well and rooting for Bo and the ducks to go all the way.
  3. It has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with Kiffin’s track record and the reality that the entire SEC west is down. A&M just fired their coach, Arkansas’ coach is on the hot seat, LSU head coach is in 2nd season, Auburn coach is in first season, Miss St’s coach just died and fired their backup. It’s a game of attrition, and it’s worked in their favor. What’s absurd is pining to “be like Ole Miss” and their ceiling being a 10-win program, which is, generationally, the best they can be.
  4. Yes, for the one time when we self-destruct our program. Give it 2 more seasons and things will right themselves once Freeze has a recruiting class or two and Kiffin bolts for the next best thing like he always does, just ask Tennessee and USC, which are far better and greater opportunities than Ole Miss. That, also, is just fact.
  5. So did the likes of Mark Richt and Tubberville, and neither had anything to show for it.
  6. Haskins would know, he didn’t teach hard work, nor attracted talent. All he cared about was being “hard” and climbing stairs 😂
  7. Then they’ll find themselves in the same position we found ourselves last weekend. That’s what they call “rat poison”. That’s why we are who we are, and they are who they are.
  8. Shutting it down? They’re trying to show they’re a playoff team while we just came off the worst loss in program history. I think Satan and the turds put up between 50 - 70 on our behinds.
  9. Not a bad idea…we’d likely finally be the best at something
  10. The only way this can even be somewhat atoned for/made up for is if this makes this staff/players/team so sick they beat Bama next week and get a top-5 incoming class and go on an absolute tear in the next 5-10 years. Likelihood is we just get embarrassed, we get back to being a top 15/top 25 team, and never do anything of substance while Bama fizzles and UGA keeps racking up nattys.
  11. I suppose we’re finally relevant since we’re 6-6 and made a bowl game we’ll likely lose, so we can earn another 6-7 losing season?
  12. I was finally starting to tune in a minute or two here or there for the AU games. Almost did today, but had school work to do for my masters degree. Glad I didn’t. This game has added to another season of not watching for next year, not worth the time. Reading for hours on end was definitely more enjoyable than this game.
  13. Got to this point last season…watched a total of 10-20 minutes of AU football all season this year. I’m about to start only checking in here once every week or every other week or so. It’s just who Auburn is. I can appreciate my education there, and the times in the past, but beyond that we’re just historically a top-15 football program. We’ll only ever be something better once or twice a decade.
  14. 6 TDs now in the 1st half, and I think 350+ yards
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