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  1. People have been trying to say this for years. I'm glad a thorough review was done to confirm it. COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers aren't the only ones that bend or assume the science to confirm their political and emotional commitments.
  2. Well, if the concerns mentioned above are warranted, maybe we just avoided problems.
  3. I don't have a problem with kids enjoying the process or even backing up commitment dates a few times while they make up their minds. They don't owe us conformity to our timetables. If he was committing and recommitting over and over, or telling our coaches one thing while planning to do something else the whole time just for "shock value," I'd see being turned off by it.
  4. Exactly. And the Judge he's facing now won't be swayed by lawyer tricks and obfuscation.
  5. Well, most of the recruiting guys on the pay sites seem to think he's going to end up as our walking headache if that's the case.
  6. Sweet. I think this is the best option across the board and I think it will be a nice boost to basketball recruiting.
  7. Most people don't care about that stuff until it costs your team. That's when the criticism goes from just a few traditionalists muttering to each other about "playing with class" and whatnot to lots of folks sounding off at a louder volume. If you can push the boundaries a little and get away with it, it's "fire." If you get tee'd up at a critical moment or ejected in a big game, it's a problem. You can't let them bait you into hurting your team. That would be true of Clark as well. That said some of the reactions to CBM were idiotic and I'm glad Pearl came to his defense.
  8. Pretty sure all the top QBs in the portal were commanding over $1M in NIL money. A couple maybe close to $2M. But @bigbird or @RunInRed might be better on those numbers.
  9. My feeling on the portal QB thing is that Auburn wasn't in position to spend big (or overspend) on one guy and that player be the difference maker, even if the one guy was a QB. We weren't/aren't a QB away from competing for titles. This was a roster with several holes in it that needed an influx of talent and other positions that desperately needed depth. So the money had to be used wisely to build the roster more broadly and I support that approach. I guess if we had unlimited funds for NIL it would be different. But my impression of OTV is that it's healthy and makes us competitive within the SEC and nationally, but not so overflowing with surplus that we can just drop bags for everyone we could want or need. We have to make strategic choices. Maybe once the roster is more stocked, we can focus on a smaller handful of portal guys to spend big on at a position of need. But we aren't there yet, or at least weren't there as of the 2024 signing class.
  10. I'm not sure how much further you could have gone to qualify your statements.
  11. Yeah, he had a good tournament game, but most of the season people were complaining about him and thought he wasn't a viable PG in this league. He made huge strides from last season to this one and I imagine will be even more improved next year. There's zero reason the same couldn't be true of Aden.
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