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  1. I have not looked but I would bet the majority of teams killing it in the portal did not have a great HS recruiting class.
  2. I think it is by far the best option for long term success but short term it will be difficult. For example, Ole Miss (who is killing the portal) will win more games sooner. In the long run I think we will win more over a greater period of time.
  3. Uga is trying to get him to come back. That is the last update I heard
  4. Yeah, I think this is just for show. I think he already signed according to Florida
  5. Fong said FL (and he has not been wrong yet). All of the Florida boards are saying that he is staying with Florida. There is no smoke anywhere that he is going to go to Auburn.
  6. Yes, but when you look at those classes and the star rating, that is by quantity not just quality. This class has the most quality of any class I have seen in the last 30 years since I started following. Basically if you look at star rating, this class kills all of the other classes. At least from what I can find.
  7. It is truly amazing that we did not lose one player in this age of NIL, especially considering we have so many top players in this class. Well Done AU.
  8. Yes, but that was based more on quantity and not quality. From a quality standpoint, I don’t think we have ever had a class like this. Maybe not even close to this.
  9. Does anyone have any news on TJ Lindsey? There is nothing on any of the 3 AU sites.
  10. This would be a major win. Hope he commits this week.
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