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Sometimes in our life...


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I've stressed, pondered, and brainstormed.  I've squinted my eyes and looked for the truth. I've used words like "faith" and "believe" and "facts" and "evidence."  I've lost and regained perspective several times in the same day.

I get from the outside in, it's just a football game.  But it's more than that: it's a family reunion that occurs a handful time of times in the fall with one hundred thousand relatives.  It's a family reunion of two strangers at an airport exchanging "War Eagle."  It's getting genuinely pissed off at our Bama-loving cousins and then exchanging Christmas gifts a month later.

Tonight, I'm going to pray for some people that are involved in what many people think is a silly football game.  I'm going to pray that people, *whoever* they are, make the right decisions.  I'm going to pray that those who know the truth use it wisely. I'm going to pray for our family.... and those who aren't in our family.  Tonight, I'm going to pray for perspective.

Good night and War Eagle.


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