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A Great Auburn Video....


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  Could someone please post the link to the comeback in tuscalooser in

2010. The music in this video was by Meatloaf I think. One of my favorites

of all time. The part where coach Chizik tells the team at halftime that

"WE COMMIN" gives me chills every time. Also love Eltoro at the end.

:zapbama: :zapbama: :zapbama:

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That team was so special it just gives me chills to watch those videos. A few random thoughts:

1) It gets overlooked a bit that after playing such an atrocious 1st quarter in the Bama game, the defense put it behind them and really turned it on the rest of the game.

2) I still tear up a bit when I watch Kodi catch that TD in the Championship Game. He really deserved that for all he did for Auburn.

3) It saddens me a bit watching Dyer in those clips and knowing he won't finish his career at Auburn. I don't mean that from the standpoint of the state of our current RB's because I think we have plenty of talent back there. It is just a shame he couldn't straighten out whatever discipline/personal issues he was having and couldn't finish what he started.  It seems right to me that the RB that Bo kissed on the forehead should have gone out with the Orange and Blue on. Oh well, I hope he finds what he's looking for.

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