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Tre Mason


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Although he has not been mentioned much through the practices and the scrimmages, word is that he pretty much leads over Grant and Blakely.

Quote from Coach Luper:

Tre has had a good spring. He's 200 pounds, he's getting the ball, he's downhill," Luper said. "He has the ability to light it up on Saturdays.

Also quote from Coach Luper:

Corey stands out sometimes just because he's the new kid on the block.

Concerning Mike Blakely

It'll take him a couple of practices to catch back to speed. He hasn't played football, really, in two years.

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Patrick Miller is really coming on to just be here since Jan-

Isn't Patrick Miller why Les Miles is still so pissed off with Kiel Gunner?

Les Miles should only be mad at Les Miles. Don't overbook and then expect issues not to come up. The guy got pissed and walked. Can't blame him and neither should Les Miles.

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