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Leonard's take on the MNC


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From Leonards Losers -- Smart Pill Machine Question of the Week

Ask Leonard


If Auburn wins the SEC title game will that have a positive effect on the BCS rankings in that Auburn would have played one more game than USC and OK? Will this give Auburn a shot at the title?


  steve of lawrenceville, GA

Leonard's Answer:

The computer geeks say that if Southern Cal, Oklahoma, and Auburn all win out, then Auburn will get left out of the title game. In my opinion, if Oklahoma beats Colorado, Southern Cal beats UCLA, and Auburn beats BCS-ranked Tennessee, then Auburn deserves a shot at the title. I know one thing, the Smart Pill Machine will have them ranked No. 1 if they win this weekend.


  Leonard Postosties


Well, at least Leonard will rank us number one :)

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There ya go. The Leonard Postosties MNC. Aaahhh. Now we all feel better. Throw that in with the sponsored MNC I'm trying to drum up from Joe's Fish Camp and Tattoo Shack and we're all set.

It ain't over yet.

One at a time, baby!

War Damn Eagle!

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