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  1. The current environment is a moving target that is a certainty. All it will take is another Federal Judge to intervene the target may turn 180 degrees. So all coaches are trying to traverse. But if the current climate continues to progress then one can figure that these players are available to the highest bidder. The institution with money will have a decided advantage. However the entirety of college football can count on that a player will not remain with an institution for more than 2 years. While this IA a problem some axioms don't change. The coach that does the best job of preparing his team, implementing a superior game plan will be the most successful.
  2. Drummond and moore were working behind the scenes to get Saben. Drummond and the money guys never wanted rich rod.
  3. Overpaid for those SEC and NCs. Why is the DeBoer meh. Shouldn't you give him a few years to assess his success or lack there of.
  4. Rich rod was not the first choice of Moore, Drummond and some of the money bags who was operating behind the scene to get Saben. Rich rod did not turn bama down, the money bags said they were not going to fund his hire.
  5. You forget about his successes at LSU and he got MSU to beating Michigan a few times as well. In addition, he was a good DC with the Cleveland Browns. I am not sure what you mean by swinging at a hire. If you mean they just stumbled by accident and got him you are wrong. Mal Moore told them he would get a good coach if they opened their wallets and he actively pursued Saben.
  6. Bama will not probably talk about Austin Davis but instead point to 2007 hiring of Saben saying they fixed their problem but Auburn has not.
  7. Well respected by who. I haven't seen people lining up at his door (OH excuse me well repected in CFL). Even HF who called him the best QB he has ever scene did not originally hire him as an on the field coach.
  8. You may be right but Austin is the only fluid hire of the canadiates I heard mentioned. Montgomery was the QB coach also and Austin is the only Qb coach in the named canadiates. Hiring Nix we would then have two receivers coach and not a QB coach, hiring Luke would give us 2 OL coaches w/o a QB coach unless Freeze is planning top assume the role as QB coach or the hire could signal more staff changes.
  9. You may be right about Freeze giving Saben fits but the IB this year may have been an outlier because Bama may still have been laughing so hardcatcwatching the NMSU tapes. Furthermore, HF teams seems to blow games they should win. In 2014 and 2015, HF did beat Bama got the inside track to SEC West and proceeded to lose a couple of games he probably should not. This appears to be a trend also of losing to teams one should beat. ie NMSU and Maryland.
  10. 2014 & 2015 bama had 8 turnovers in the two games vs 2 for Ole miss. I don't call that outcoaching I call that axteam beating themselves. In 2016, I believe Ole Miss scored 24 points in the first half. I think the final score was 48 45 but Ole miss was down 48 31 with 4 minutes left to go in the game. Against Backups Ole miss hit a long pass for a td and recovered an onside kick and scored. Hugh did the same against FSU in 2016 scoring 28 points in the first half and 7 points in the 2nd and losing to FSU.
  11. Options do not matter. So he has to stay at Liberty and not take the head job at Auburn. That what a good HC would do. There is no way anyone should have there hands tied by Alumni dictating how to do the job. Auburn didn't have many other canadiates because Auburn did the shotty job search they always do when looking for a coach.
  12. There is not a coach that is worth his salt would ever take a HC job where people dictate to them how to run the job especially if they instruct him to step away from game planning duties.
  13. Hopefully Freeze will enter the transfer portal.
  14. I remember him kicking for Auburn. Our first soccer style kicker. If memory serves me correctly he was playing soccer for a school in Birmingham maybe Birmingham Southern. The school gave up soccer so he headed to Auburn.
  15. AU Mike Kolen, Larry Willingham and Buddy McClinton Johnny Unitas, Bubba Smith, Dick Butkas and Ray Nietcke.
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