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Why you should support Sparty


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I had the pleasure of sitting in a bar outside of Detroit full of Michigan State fans during the end of their game with Michigan. It made me reflect of the similarities between our fans and theirs.

1. State is often referred to as "the other" school in Michigan and Michigan fans call them "little brother."

2. They have to put up with an obnoxious rival. Their big rival holds an obnoxious fan base and is often referred to as the "Walmart wolverine" fan base.

3. Like Auburn, they are close to the state capital.

4. Their fans are very supportive. We as Auburn fans pride ourselves on respecting our players. We may talk about our players abilities, but we never allow personal attacks. State is the same way.

5. We can be passionate, but ultimately understand that life exists outside of football. They mostly seem the same way.

6. We don't like our rival, but we generally refuse to sink to their level. During the game today, there were several obnoxious Michigan fans in the bar that were being rude and getting in the face of the state fans. Never once did I see that reciprocated by a state fan. They supported their team and did their best to ignore the obnoxious rival fans.

7. We have both beat our rivals on a freak special teams play as time expired in the last five years.

There are also the added bonuses of A. them beating Ohio state 2 years ago to put us in the NC B. we both hate nick saban.

Though my heart is with Auburn, Michigan State fans have sold me for at least my time in Michigan.

War Eagle and Go Green!

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