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New Job for bammanmr


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It took me 4 1/2 months after finishing my PhD, but I finally got a job in academia. Monday I start as a full-time faculty member at East Arkansas Community College in Forrest City, AR. It may be a CC, but I'm the only HPER prof. there, and it's good experience for my vita, so it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

The drive is about an hour and fifteen minutes from where we are now, but we're going to move to midtown memphis and that will make the drive about 35-40 minutes, which is tolerable.

All that education finally pays off with one of those cake-walk, academic jobs. Nothing like a 35 hour work week, free insurance and minimum of 6 weeks off a year. :P

I'm going to keep looking for better jobs here in the south, but I believe I'm going to enjoy this experience.

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