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Shark week!!!


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I loovveee Shark Week on the Discovery Channel every year. It started last night with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs (one of my favorite shows on TV) doing a two hour special. I have did alot of exciting things in my life (paratrooper, fast roping, bungee jumped, rappeling, etc), but there are two things that I would love to do before I die. I would like to take a ride in a fighter jet and I would love to be in the water (in a cage) with Great White sharks. The thought of being in the water with those monstrous fish just gives me thrill bumps thinking about! I would have to guess and say that those two things would surpass the rush that any other thing I have ever done.

Who will goe swimming with Great Whites with me?

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That was a good one Vatz. That would probably be me, but I have given up on the ride in the fighter jet dream. I think my back problems would not pass the flight surgeon's examination. I couldn't imagine trying to put that many Gs on my gimped up back now.

But, I am still hanging on to the shark thing. Swimming is good for my back, so why not?

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