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Colorado Gov. uses sexual content to introduce Mayor


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Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper seems to have a knack for imbuing run-of-the-mill political introductions with sexual imagery.

After he introduced his lieutenant governor last week as a "sex star" to an audience of school children, the Democratic governor went two-for-two on Tuesday -- reportedly evoking a shower scene while introducing Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

According to the Denver Post, Hickenlooper dug himself into the rhetorical tar pit while introducing Hancock before a crowd of hundreds at a luncheon. He was apparently trying to make a reference to the singing career of the mayor's wife, Mary Louise Lee, but it went downhill quickly and he couldn't escape the metaphor.

"We read about how President Obama sings to Michelle in the shower," Hickenlooper said, according to the Post. "So you can just imagine what the mayor gives his wife in the shower. Uh, I mean what she gives him in the shower."

Too late.

The governor turned red, according to the Post.

Hickenlooper's office had no comment on the slip when contacted by FoxNews.com.

The joke may have been doomed from the start, as there is scant mention in the public record about Michelle and Barack Obama singing in the shower. The first lady said a month ago on "The Tonight Show" that the president sings to her all the time -- no mention of a shower.

Something about shower scenes, though, runs in Hickenlooper's political history. One of his most notable 2010 ads in the race for governor showed no fewer than a dozen shots of him taking one, fully clothed -- to make a point about how negative ads make him want to clean up.

But it's hardly the first risqué gaffe for Hickenlooper. Last week he mistakenly called Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia a "rising sex star" at a childhood literacy event. "I mean symbol, not star," he then said, correcting himself.

Never mind why the governor thought it prudent to invoke Garcia's hunkiness at a school event.

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