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  1. I dig this. I wonder what pose Aubie will be in. He has some classics.
  2. Smaller school's football programs are in trouble. Likely Basketball and maybe baseball. I am thinking there will come a day when the "smaller school's" shut down their football program completely and put 100% of NIL into other less followed sports. Like: Wrestling, Rugby, equestrian etc. Can you imagine if you took your "small" football NIL and put it all into swim team recruits? I see a future where a lot of "smaller" schools becoming very competitive in the one or two "smaller" sports by dropping football altogether.
  3. According to one report, Pearl and coaches went over the 2nd half plan after the player meeting.
  4. A taste of Honey. TRADITIONAL mead fermenting. Nothing but honey water and yeast.
  5. I tried to make my yeast very happy so they would ferment quickly on this one. They got a little too happy. Looks like my yeast are having the time of their short lives. There are thousands of generations of yeast born and dying in this vid.
  6. IT's a double edge sword. You go to bama for a year, and suddenly you are worth more in the portal than bama is willing to pay. Teams desperate for a LB will be willing to up the anti and pay more than bama pays each of their many LBs. bama will soon be used for the name and to get more NIL from other schools with less talent across the team willing to pay more for a single player or two.
  7. BB Trivia buffs, I need a hand. Has the ever been an NCAA basketball game that had NO fouls? Even if only one side had no fouls?
  8. I suspect Freeze is not a good fast talking salesman. He is a relationship guy. He has never met lot of these top portal guys. I think that top players Hugh has already (recently) recruited but choose another school will look at AU much more seriously when entering the portal than top players CHF has never met that are in the portal. If so, we may start seeing familiar names in the portal choosing AU in the next year or 2.
  9. I think this team is A LOT of fun to watch. It doesn't hurt that we have been successful so far.
  10. That is not all the Insiders were saying here. I have no information other than what has been posted, but, it was said there is a minor issue. " " It is "adjacent" to caddy's issue.
  11. Brennan Carroll (OC: U AZ) may be available. Washington just hired AZ HC Jedd Fisch . I didn't see many of their games, but what I saw I really liked. Not sure if the style would mesh with Hugh's, but is not that different.
  12. I really hope it is just about a girl. Makes some sense. I have no idea what transpired. Like you, I am just opining. Some of the insiders in the know, mentioned on this board that Zac was " " adjacent to the issue with caddy. I took that as he was involved in a some very minor part of the same issue. OR, he saw what was done but did not report it (or denied it?) . Or, he decided to leave because Caddy was no longer going to be there. OOOORRRR something similar
  13. IF he did something wrong, I would expect it to be minor. Like he saw something but did not report it.
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