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Upon Further Review -Liberty Game
Freshman Seth Williams moved into first place in the big play department on the team with 17 plays of 15-yards or more on the season.
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Liberty Game Report Card
For the sixteen Auburn seniors, the Tigers 53-0 victory was a great way to end their playing days at Jordan-Hare.
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AU Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 184
Probably a good one for Gus fans to skip ....
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Finding success in the details
Can Gus Malzahn be successful on a consistent basis at Auburn?
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Upon Further Review -Auburn Passing Game
Auburn's 172 yards passing on 25 completions was the lowest yardage gained on at least 25 completions by an AU offense from 1961-2018 and the worst performance by an SEC team regarding passing yardage gained since 2000.
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Things I Think I Saw:  Auburn vs Georgia....
For as much heat as the offense has received (and rightly so), Coach John Ray points out the defensive struggles as well which have been a big contributor to #Auburn's downfall this year ...
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Georgia Game Report Card
The "Coach of the Future" can't win now ...
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AU Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 183.....
Join Doug and me as we look back the Tigers win over the Aggies, AD Allen Greene's support of Gus Malzahn as Auburn's "coach of the future," and the renewal of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry between the hedges this Saturday night!
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My Thoughts From the Stadium (Texas A&M)
I walked out of that game feeling better than I have in a long time ...
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Things I Think I Saw:  Auburn vs Texas A&M
This was obviously not a pretty win. Statistically, A&M dominated the game. But Auburn never quit, and found the resolve to keep banging away until the game was won.
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Upon Further Review -Texas A&M Game
Auburn under Malzahn is now 3-6 during games the Tigers are held to under 100-yards rushing. Interesting enough, the Tigers are 3-1 this season.
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Texas A&M Game Report Card
The challenge remaining for the Auburn Tigers is implausible, but for this Saturday, the Auburn Family were able to witness and enjoy a thrilling victory.                     
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Texas A&M postgame thread
The win pushed Auburn to 6-3 on the year with three games to go ...
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AU Football All-Access Podcast (Bye Week) is up
Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the discussion as where Coach Malzahn stands, and the opportunity for the Tigers heading into a very challenging Amen Corner.
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Upon Further Review -Ole Miss Game
Auburn has more than enough talent to win their next three football games.
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Things I Think I Saw:  Auburn vs Ole Miss
I finally saw some genuine improvement this week and although it could/should have happened earlier, now is surely better than later ....
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Ole Miss Post Game Thread
CGM: "We went through a storm last week with all the negativity... that either divides — and I think some people rooted for that — or it brings you together."
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Ole Miss Game Report Card
There will be no accolades given out for defeating an unranked Ole Miss team but a loss would have undoubtedly finished AU off. Instead, Auburn emerges still fighting, with big games left to ultimately decide the fate of the 2018 season.
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AU Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 180, 10/18/2018
Coach Gus Malzahn on Perilously Thin Ice
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My Thoughts From the Stadium (Tennessee)
Going to that campus and being surrounded with people that love the same university as you is truly special.
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Things I Think I Saw:  AU vs Tennessee
I will stay the course, and we will get through this horrible year, regardless of whether it gets better or worse.
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Tennessee Game Report Card
Midway into his sixth season as head coach, Gus Malzahn has a team that cannot run the football and cannot protect the quarterback.
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Upon Further Review -Mississippi State Game
Malzahn's offensive history has been built around success in the running game and the combination of tempo. Take away the run and tempo and his pass offense is exposed.
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Mississippi State Game Report Card
Perhaps the best way to describe the disaster in Starkville was the Bulldogs reestablished their offensive identity and Auburn continues to search for one.
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Mississippi State Post Game Thread
A disaster in Starkville ...
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