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  1. Has to be a very damaging weekend for this team, assuming it ends this way. I’m not happy at all with our coaches. Pitchers have regressed under Teaford. Gabe has to be leading the league in getting guys thrown out at home. And I’ve seen UKs HC more today than I’ve seen of Butch all season. At some point he needs to unfold his arms and get out of the dugout. I’m all for a laid back style If that’s your thing but at some point you have to quit delegating and make your presence felt. Last thing while I’m on a roll. More strength and conditioning. Pretty much every team we’ve played is bigger and stronger than us and it’s showing on the field. I know it’s not football but we need more beef on the field to compete in the SEC.
  2. 7-7 now. Pulled Baumann. 2 HRs and a bases clearing double off the wall later and here we are. Nope. Another 2 run bomb as I was typing this. 9-7 UK now. 🤦🏻‍♂️🥃🥃🥃
  3. I think we pulled Tanner too early. They weren’t timing him well at all.
  4. I’m liking Tanner Baumann as a starter. So efficient today.
  5. Bingo. A lot of people seem to think the President can control and is responsible for everything.
  6. Inning 2: lead off single by Peirce. Then Standfield ‘bunted’, except he popped it up all the way (80 feet) to the first baseman. Another momentum killer. Unreal. 😅
  7. Game 2: Gabe gets another runner thrown out at home by a mile. This makes about 7 or 8 by my count. Sent 260 pound McMurray who was out by about 15 feet. He’s been doing it all season. So frustrated with so many components of this team.
  8. I love the love the passion DC plays with, and how he represents us with so much passion. But if the is going to increase minutes, he needs to be smarter with some of the fouls he gets.
  9. We’re giving up an unusually high amount of 2 out runs and 2 strike hits. And giving up a lot of high velocity hits and home runs. It’s one thing for that to be happening to one or two pitchers. It’s another for it to be happening to almost every pitcher. At some point you have to question Teaford. Either he’s doing a bad job calling pitches or he’s tipping his pitches. Either way, I’ve seen enough of him already.
  10. College athletes have been paid for decades. The only thing happening now is how is it going to be regulated and by whom.
  11. Yes. But you forgot the part of how many of those coaches up and bolted for more money and greener pastures for their own benefit and eagerly left the kid they had commitments to and relationships with behind. The players now have the same option the coach has.
  12. Me neither. I’m ready to see Butch make some mound visits. He needs to shorten the leash on some guys. And it’s bothersome to see transfers from Miami-Ohio, UAB, and Jax St outperform guys who have been at AU for several seasons. It’s just frustrating to be an AU sports fan these past few years.
  13. Correct. The ever progressive state legislature of Alabama has decided to not allow the evils of a Lottery thus forgoing the scholarships players in other states receive.
  14. The loss of Hudson hurt some. But our pitchers have little in the way of swing and miss stuff. Our guys who throw 95-96 are getting squared up on because everything is flat. The mental approach is off too, in my opinion. Stuff like walking bottom of order guys on non competitive pitches and flipping the lineup will crush you in this league. Most bothersome to me is we cannot count on the upperclassmen pitchers at all. Also of note (and very similar to football) our rivals are bigger, thicker, and stronger at almost every position. UT and TAMU players look MLB size. On a more positive note, Ike Irish and Cooper McMurray are having monster seasons. Irish is one of the best all round baseball players I have seen at AU. Maners and Weiss are also having excellent seasons. And Tilly has performed very well on the mound for a freshman.
  15. Came out of this weekend last in the SEC. Hard to swallow. Pitching staff is dreadful most of the time and that’s especially disappointing when so many of them are juniors and seniors. Hard to compete when you can’t count on starting pitchers giving you more than 2-4 innings.
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