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  1. Thank God he is at UCF. He and Harsin made Auburn football miserable.
  2. See? I turn it own and they get 3 point play.
  3. I am reluctant to watch. Every time I watch they lose.
  4. Was simply replying to those who are clinging to Malzahn.
  5. Some of you guys are idiots. Hugh Freeze isn't Gus 2.0. If Gus was still at Auburn, we probably wouldn't be bowl eligible. I fault Greene for hiring Harsin, and making a bad situation worse.
  6. The coaches did well to get us in position to win. With that said, they also made some boneheaded decisions at the close of the game.
  7. And give bama a chance to the playoffs. Nah
  8. Just listened to Mullins criticize the defensive call.
  9. If we had played regular defense we probably win that game. If the Special Teams coach puts anyone but Moore back, we probably win that game. Those two need to be reevaluated. They make bad choices in critical situations.
  10. I haven't posted all night. Roberts needs his arse kicked, and then fired.
  11. What do the heck do you think he should say.
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