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  1. I'm not asking because of what Lane said.
  2. Nice glad to have Nix... So does this mean he will actually call plays or is Freeze gonna do it?
  3. Yep be patient guys... It will happen I'm hearing by Spring or Fall at the latest we will know something.
  4. True didn't even think about that haha
  5. We came close this year so it could happen but I see what you are saying...
  6. I disagree with he has to take a step by year 3 it has to be this year at least beat Georgia or Alabama that's my take anyways with the Portal and HS recruiting he should be able to take that step this year...
  7. Haha at least we aren't FSU right now. 🤣
  8. Thank you and yeah me and the wife are going out to eat.
  9. @KansasTiger you were right, it's just not in the nest yet 🤣
  10. Yep and that was one of the reasons why I did not like this hire I have my others but that was one of them...
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