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  1. idk, we'll probably be saying something different when Thorne drops countless sub 100 yard games again vs P5 teams and Hugh is blasting Nix at his PCs. Blow that NIL money next year on JuJu and ride with the #1 QB
  2. Yeah, him too. We had all this money ready to go then didn't spend any. I like Kite and Lewis. Not sure we really got anyone else of note. Texas safety is a Vet who is okay-ish and his value probably going to come coaching up the younger kids
  3. Saved all that money on McCray, Williams, Echols and didn't sign a QB sad
  4. Hired this guy. Was GM of the year in 2022. I'm actually pretty surprised we didn't have someone in this specific role. Pretty sure even Harsin had one. He was awful, like everything Harsin did, but had one.
  5. Well, we know Hugh will take credit for any good offensive play calls. I hope Nix is ready to get run over by the Hugh Hummer
  6. Sorry, your fault was you just posted. You're not allowed to do that.
  7. He took SMU's defense from 120th in year 1 to 11th in year two. I'm actually kinda shocked he hasn't gotten more than listing his name at the end of any blurbs about our DC opening
  8. Site mods currently throwing their proverbial shat at the wall Tate claiming Kiffin was to interview yesterday. Hoke claiming our Admin is against Durkin, but if Hugh pushed hard enough we would hire him. 247 claiming a mix of the two. I'm guessing all the best insiders are claiming how godly Durkin is and know exactly what's going on, but we'll never know since our donations aren't good enough and we messed up by having the "wrong" opinion and not attacking the "right" family members of players
  9. 'ppreciate yah contributing to that.
  10. Apparently interviewing Kiffin today
  11. He seems like he'd be a solid option. He has a good defense after leaving Liberty
  12. No one knows anything. That's clear. People are trying to use thier brains and context clues to form an educated guess
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