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  1. What lesson can you derive from giving Gus Malzahn a big contract that could even be applied to Bruce Pearl, your program’s best head coach ever Is there a single lesson you could even attempt to apply there
  2. I don’t know if both Chaney and Chad starting was a matchup thing or bc CBP just views those two as two starters right now, but either way, I love the look. Chaney’s going to have a few deer in the headlights moments and CBM’s going to have those Chad/KD moments we all know of, but the length, athleticism and ability to defend on the perimeter they provide >>>
  3. Watching the highlights now. Chaney and Denver have been so emboldened as of late to seek their own shot and to get plays ran for them. At the very least, this’ll make opposing teams factor them in on tape and at the most…we become more balanced
  4. I do wish I could’ve heard one Rod game, just to feel where the expectation has been set at. I feel like Andy’s just a pest sometimes, but the color commentator adds a lot of dead time so I guess someone has to fill it…
  5. Listened to most of it on radio amazing team effort by the boys
  6. Think we’re at a point where keeping a foul matters more than preventing a bucket
  7. I think they probably played as good as they did against us; they just have supreme big talent (which will kill this Bama roster every time) and plenty of guards to throw at Sears. With that being a road game, I would’ve been SHOCKED if Bama competed. I applaud Bama’s resilience in coming back from tough situations and winning the close ones, but they have and are going to have some coming to God moments in these last few games
  8. Well he needs both lol. Whether or not he chose one of the other, both are needed. Even if he did the pick NIL over the facility, then that would just mean he had the foresight to pick the one that was obviously going to be more pressing.
  9. Kentucky doing to Bama what we figured they’d do btw only 1 game behind Bama if that result holds and we steal this one
  10. If someone cares to validate this, our two centers appear to have had zero rebounds in checking both the NCAA.com and ESPN box scores. Angel Reese had 20 that cannot be real
  11. As I understand from people who are more in the know, the disadvantage it gives us ranges from a semi-important one (players preferring one brand’s gear over another) to massive (there being so many Nike and Adidas camps for HS recruits, and comparatively few for UA. Nike/Adidas reportedly shepherding HS kids to their schools over others. The statistics about non-Nike/Adidas schools being unable to win the big dance. Etc) I’d never come in here and lie and pretend like Oats doesn’t have it easier than Pearl does. We are starting to have donors bankroll the program, but from Pearl’s own mouth, not having that basketball only facility matters greatly. Tons of reporters and talking heads make it seem like he’s been pushing to move off of UA for a while. As far as a program builder/champion, I think the guy is second to none in the conference
  12. Someone’s going to come in here and call me a Bammer like I haven’t defended Pearl on here more than virtually anyone, but I can’t come in here and lie either. You don’t win at the league leading rate they’re set to win at, while existing in the tier 2 of overall talent in the league, unless the coach is doing something right.
  13. 1. Oats has won with bad defenses and good defenses; because his scheme is as good as it is (and because he recruits to fit it), he can have roster variance and still compete. They were 4th in KenPom last year and 3rd in overall defense. They’re 6th in KenPom and 73rd in defense now. Basically wire to wire in leading the SEC. He objectively has a more threatening/high performing offensive scheme than Pearl and has had higher performance out of his perimeter players. 2. I don’t even understand the relevancy of the 2018/19 mention. Again per KenPom, the AdjO for that team wouldn’t be #1 for Alabama during Oats’s team. He’s also had teams with a worse AdjO that have had a better regular season record than that team, and he’s had mediocre teams with the same performance. It’s many, many points worse than the current country leading offense Bama has. In summary, it’s certainly nothing that would be a wet dream 3. I don’t personally think trophies or anything is a direct indicator of being an elite Xs and Os coach. There’s tons of mid major programs that don’t have them, but have coaches that would outscheme the best in the “power 6”. That being said, if you included this season, Bama will have won the SEC 3 times in the last 5. They were not only not a preseason favorite (per the SEC media poll) each time, but were picked within 2 spots (2 in 2020, only 1 spot difference in the last two seasons) in each instance. So Alabama is being viewed as being comparable to Auburn coming into each season on paper, but outperforming them in each instance. You could chalk that up to Bama developing those guys into a top tier team, you could chalk it up to the coaches scheme, but it’d be hard to chalk it up to them having much better talent. Per 247 composite, Alabama has only had a higher average per recruit once since the 2020s began (2024). All in all, I only think a completely biased Auburn fan would really argue that as an on the court coach, Oats is inferior to Pearl (he’s certainly looked better H2H this decade), but if you look at the “facts” as you say, they definitely would not support that conclusion, whatsoever.
  14. I feel like it should be a requisite that your starting 1 be able to not just be able to be clamped at half court, and we’ve had Zep in 21 and now this situation in 23…
  15. It’s really a necessity, esp in a matchup like UK where Tre is just getting picked up at half court and takes like 7 dribbles just to get to a point where he can see the court (if he doesn’t get ripped). That hasn’t happened to Tre quite as often as Aden, but that was a result of earlier opponents seeing how much he meanders around once he crosses half court (plus a fairly lose handle). It’s on tape now. Reed Sheppard is a stellar guard defender, but we’ll def see some better defensive guards than DJ Wagner or Robert Dilllingham going forward lol
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