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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Wade was a senior last year and is no longer with their team. They do return Robinson, who is a guard that averaged about 13 ppg last year. Hopefully we can contain him better than we did Barry's guards. Should be an interesting first game, I hope the team is more inspired than against Barry. Glad to see us playing against some size early on, it'll be "fun"(hopefully) to see how we match up without Wiley. I've heard Spencer has developed somewhat of an outside shot this offseason, it will be interesting to see if that was just a rumor or not. Not sure what to expect from this team after the suspensions. Still a lot of talent but I'm not sure if it competes consistently enough in this year's SEC. we need to see some of last year's problems fixed, regardless of who is on the court. Thanks for the preview @JwgreDeux
  2. I'm guessing this situation doesn't help us much with Hagans, Brown, etc either.
  3. EJ had a good day from what I've seen, he's gonna be special.
  4. I agree for the most part but I think we need to get Chuma on the floor wherever he can get the most minutes next season to help with rebounding. If his rebounding transitions well he could be a monster on the boards. I think he's a special talent at SF though. Chuma has much more potential there. I just think it may behoove our lineup more next year with him primarily at the 4. Not sure if I see anyone giving us better minutes at the position next year and I'd rather spread the talent than have him and DP battling for minutes at SF. Personally. In the long run, i 100% agree with you.
  5. He's not the biggest if that kid from Penn State is back, wasn't he about 300 last year? Regarding OP, I like the weight gain by Ruffin, up 11, and the losses by Paul James and Malik Miller. I'm hoping those two weight losses mean that those two are back into football shape. Or that they're in even better shape if they already were.
  6. I'm not suggesting leaving him on the bench at QB until he decides to transfer or graduate. But assuming QB is the position JG wants to play when he gets here, I think it would be a huge waste of talent to not put him there at first. Even if it's against Malik, Stidham, Fields (just throwing that in the mix for fun) with Nix committed, JG could still come out on top when it's all said and done if he's properly developed. i think it wouldn't be as likely as someone like Fields and would be a longer process and a bigger project than the other names mentioned but Malik only had a year of QB1 coming in and most of us love what we've seen from him so far. Other than not being QB1 in HS, JG looks like a great prospect to bring in at QB. 6'4 230, can run and sling the ball down field, we're finally (somewhat) confident in our ability to develop QBs.
  7. I agree on this. Id love to see our staff develop develop JG into what he has the potential to. It'll be interesting to watch.
  8. For those of you not ranking any of Tre/Rudi/Ronni/Cadillac/etc, is there any way Pettway can move up into that #2 spot if he has a good, healthy season? even with only a partial year under his belt he had some monumental moments. First back since Bo to put together four-straight games of 150-plus yards. i want to say there were a couple of other leader boards he climbed to the top of too but am too lazy to put the work into it. Carries in a single game? Top 5 fastest to reach 800 yards?
  9. Quindarius Monday and Master Teague. I'm liking the names we're going after! in all seriousness, the more big, talented DBs the better.
  10. IMO. If JG is playing near his potential and starts at QB for us, no one else will be our QB1 while he's on campus, barring injury. This is still the same JG that we all went crazy about when we saw his high lights for the first time and when he committed to AU. He didn't lose any of that potential or ability due to getting competition in his high school QB race. He might have lost some experience but is being pushed by a QB (who might be a better "QB" than joey) to keep getting better. I cant watch this kid push 5 different DLmen off of him like it was nothing while he stands in the pocket unfazed before deciding to take off or throw it without thinking of some certain plays from the 2010 season. Im not necessarily directing all of this at you, just venting some of my thoughts of JG in addition to replying to you. It feels like a lot of fans seem to be less pleased about JG than they were a year ago. I know his stock hasn't really risen but if we get this kid onto campus and turn him into the QB he has the potential to be, oh boy.....
  11. I was surprised to not see Dyer on any of those lists even though he only had two seasons, unless I missed him on there. I was always a big fan of Dyer until all the off the field issues started surfacing.
  12. I'm not too worried about Joey. It would be nice to see him getting the full QB 1 reps but it's not like he's splitting time with a slouch. No P5 offers is one thing but the kid seems to have quite a few, including the Ivy Leagues and has been watched (or visited?) by some p5 coaches IIRC. I agree with much of what @lionheartkc said in his post a few above mine. If he blossoms into the QB he has the potential to be, we've got one hell of a QB. If not, there are a few other positions we could see him playing. Joey seems to love AU and to be committed to the school, considering he's hung on through all of the turmoil we've suffered (I mean, he even committed in 2015). I hope we continue to show him love and keep him as a solid commit throughout the process, as long as he's fine with us possibly bringing in some competition for him in his signing class I see no problems. I don't see any reason we shouldn't give him as much of a shot as anyone else at QB in the beginning either, as long as that's where he wants to play.
  13. I agree with this. I want to see him get a shot at RB if that's where he's projected. Seems like he's got a great quick burst and would be able to get separation without a problem. I also think he'd be dangerous receiving out of the backfield. On slip screens, he wouldnt be able to be found behind his blockers and definitely has the speed to take it home.
  14. I believe Mustapaha does. He needs to take charge more, in my opinion, and hopefully we see more of it his soph season. He can dribble, drive, shoot and pass and does all of them fairly well (at the least). If this team can depend on Heron to get the ball to the hoop/get the ball to Wiley (or anyone else) for easy dunks when we are stagnant it will be huge. I feel like Heron's disappearances in the second halves of a few games did a lot to the team in terms of how flat we played some second halves. If heron can start closing games for us, we're in good hands.
  15. A lot of times it's academics or being overlooked in high school, undersized in high school. i think Dunnans problem was he tried to take over the games at the wrong times, a lot. When he did so against Uk, it was great but it didn't always turn out that way. Better decision making, I agree.
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