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  1. Oh yeah? Well, it doesn't mean I'm right...😆
  2. Once again? Since when? Only Jared Harper comes to mind at point.
  3. You also have to be invited the first time to be invited to come back.
  4. Do we really think Bruce will finally get the G position right? This is becoming a bad look for him in an otherwise good Auburn career...
  5. No one is commenting on Camden Brown’s performance. He had several non-drops yesterday.
  6. Lol! Really? He's just giving his honest take. Chill, fellas.
  7. Meh…all they did was pass-block, basically. Hard to gauge.
  8. One of em will portal out eventually. Both are too good to sit.
  9. Those watching didn’t see it, either.😎 Freaking ESPN camera work missed the 58 yarder by McGough to end the scrimmage.
  10. It was pretty accurate last spring..😂
  11. Maybe it has something to do with what appears that we have one play with 3 variations.
  12. This A-Day offensive performance isn't depressing enough, gonna head on over to radio and listen to Andy...
  13. My first reply was tongue in cheek. He’s right, actually.
  14. It’s a big reason Oregon has all that National Championship hardware…
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