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  1. 2004 team. The way Cam was treated by the NCAA and opposing fans
  2. The dreaded the wr can really block evaluation lol. We will have to be patient and rely on the running game in the beginning. We need a d tackle to really step up. Need to find the right combination of guys in the secondary so they can start building a chemistry. We need HB to make a meteoric jump. EVERYTHING will boil down to the QB play. If that doesn't go right the wr will leave everybody will doubt us and not take is serious. Very very big year
  3. I wanted to go to Auburn because I hate Nike because a bunch of middle aged men who don't have an athletic bone in their body hate it too. Every 4 or 5 star said that signed with Alabama or UGA the past 10 years
  4. Don't see what you are trying to say at all here, but with Barry either way you can get HOF stats before steroids was even a question. But that's neither here or there ...
  5. He said his recruitment out of juco was different, he was more mature and he was focused on going to the NFL. He said Oklahoma and Kansas St he felt would try to make him play to fit their system instead of them using his gifts. That last miss st and us. He said it was hard because within himself he was feeling us but he had that relationship and familiarity with Mullen being he was his offensive coordinator. He also said one of the big things that drew him to Auburn was we had 22 seniors. And he said miss st wouldn't be able to pull in the type of recruits we would. It was a very smart thing to look at, he was right. He said his dad gave him his opinion and his dad told him he has to be a man and tell Mullen. Auburn fans should love this ..... I'm telling you no matter how much you do, you will never please everybody which once again recruits should never feel like they owe a school anything, they should focus on the best outcomes for themselves because nobody else will. This is a perfect example to look at. Look at how Mullen turned on him out of spite. Look at how hard Urban made it for him, even though he didn't even have plans on playing Cam. Look at how opposing fans treated him. Look at how the NCAA didn't give a damn about him or his family even with something as little as letting his dad attend a ceremony. EVERYBODY made money off of him but he went thru hell because they thought he may have made a little money for himself.
  6. Just look at all the former, current, and future players reaction...... It's now funny looking back at all the people who said it didn't matter to recruits
  7. People were, but we know if he tries to defend himself his stock drops. He would be a problem child, doesn't know his place, all of that
  8. What?!?!.... Actually nevermind I forgot.... This is wow....
  9. Ultimate goal is NBA, if the interest of situation isn't good I'm sure he'll look at it. I'd love for him to end up in Dallas
  10. https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/local/2024/04/04/tallahassee-police-chief-slams-release-of-edited-dui-video-before-trial/73208195007/
  11. I always said on my very first post I'm mad that he let them bait him because it was clear as day it was their plan. I was aggravated that the Yale guy stuff that started it was literally right in front of the ref at the same spot..... So how did he miss that? But of course was able to make the call against us...... It just irked me because I'm sure you have seen it, on the board here people ALWAYS have the crying about the refs, and the conspiracy theories, and then finally when there really is a call that can be viewed as to be questionable, that really had a big impact on the game, a majority on here was cool with that. And some, not all, some saying not wanting him on the team...... That's just insane! But yeah if a guy you haven't ever met is getting chippy with you that early in the game you have to be smart enough to know he's doing it for a reason. I agree with that wholeheartedly.
  12. Paul Pierce loves her. The wnba players that said she is going to see some grown women soon where both white. LeBron, Devin Booker, Brandon Jennings all showed her love. Even Angel said nice stuff and was rooting for her it seems (while being called everything from classless, to a man, to an animal). It's crazy if you don't call her the greatest player of all time you are hating her. Imagine if she was called a monkey, or a man, or a thug or whatever..... Hell even the story after South C won was mostly about Clark. Let that set in. The national AP story of a 38-0 team, a coach who's 3 year record that is something unbelievable like 106-3, story was about the loser of the game more than anybody..... If that's hate I don't know what love is
  13. They are trying to convince him to stay
  14. Yeah I'm missing the hate. You go look at the story of South Carolina winning right now and you will see an article written more about her and praising her than the actually team and players that won. It's crazy the difference of treatment and media coverage between her and Angel when they basically have mirrored each other. But one was made the hero/sweetheart and the other was made the villain
  15. I agree with this. Basically right now they are up, it wasn't too long ago when we were up and it didn't look like they would be close to us anytime soon . Oates isn't coaching circles around BP. Like you said BP just have to hit on his guys better. I actually think they lost last night because of coaching by Oates. It was idiotic for them to start the game daring Castle to shoot. Everybody knew he's not a consistent shooter but let him establish that in the game. Don't leave him wide open and let him see a few shots go in and get a rhythm. Also you could see his guards besides Mark were nervous starting out. On top of that the one mismatch they had was UConn guards couldn't guard and stay in front of Mark. Mark started out something like 6-6, and he only had one or two plays ran for him. He should have had Mark handle the ball in the beginning and kept attacking until they doubled. Maybe he gets some of them into foul trouble, and then he could have started hitting the other guys and they would have had some good shots, but more importantly they wouldn't have had the turnovers and without the turnovers UConn don't get those easy buckets to get going. I think if Pearl had the weapons he would have made UConn play more uncomfortable ball. But that's just my opinion.
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