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  1. I respect your opinion: My take is dude is a kid and especially 2 years ago was an even younger kid who probably wasn't making the best decisions. I know I didn't at his age. I say if he has interest in coming to Auburn then bring him on board,
  2. I was thinking the same thing.... based on the position coaches being hired already without the coordinators
  3. What I don't understand is why they are making it seem like it is such a hard concept.... FCS has been doing an expanded playoff format for MANY years now and they operate smoothly... Generally speaking when you get to the end of the year the top 12 to 16 teams are generally the better teams in CFB so no matter what you so someone will be left out and someone will be upset.
  4. I agree, Riley and Weiss would both be good gets... I think we're going to end up with Will (Which I personally don't hate if his head is in the right place) but man Knowles would be a solid get.
  5. Not having an OC or DC yesterday tells me 1 of 2 things, he is either still in the NC hunt ORRR Danny can't decide....
  6. Now come on, who wouldn't want to go back to work when they don't have to... it just doesn't make sense that he wants to spend time with his family... Hugh freeze can't recruit!
  7. The Polar Bear club, I would call every coach thar though because I am not part of the Freeze hate club.
  8. How nice is it to have a head coach again that says "I WANT TO BE HERE, THIS IS A DREAM JOB FOR MY FAMILY, WE LOVE THE CULTURE AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT" and then back it up by hitting the ground running re-building the program like he actually means what he is saying.
  9. Come on Rexy.... if you're gonna do that you gotta supply some context baby! @AURex
  10. I'm just gonna say it.... Danny looks good in that Auburn swag!!!!
  11. My question is who would coach the team if we were offered a bowl game? Or do you think the decision has already been made not to accept a bid.
  12. On the defensive side it would be ideal if he had someone who has experience running a program and can handle that side of the ball completely top to bottom with a constant convo between he and HF, Some names I like are (and don't freak out) on no certain order. Jim Leonhard Zach Arnet Gary Patterson Brian Flores
  13. Texas, you know as well as I that this isn't directed toward those with ethical concerns that have expressed them. This is completely fine, HOWEVER to those that are demeaning and berating those that choose NOT to be up in arms about Hugh... Just look at the landscape of this board over the last 3 days.... it isn't as much about concern for some as it is about berating others for not aligning with their view. I respect any concerns that you may have about him... I have my own but I personally am CHOOSING not to try to convince others that they are wrong for feeling the way that they feel.
  14. Quick question for the Anti-Freezers Does any of this make you feel better about yourself? Why are you CHOOSING to be miserable and trying to force that same misery upon others who are CHOOSING not to be miserable.... Life is to live, learn, and love.... Some of yall need to learn to love and you live a happier life.
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