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  1. Not torture. Standard training at Sere school. Along with other methods. They got in trouble for dog leashes, pig piles, optional clothing scenarios. Lyndee England says hi. Besides are there any significant holidays between those dates aside from July 4? Why not have an extended patriotic display during the summer? Oh yeah I forgot, not everybody loves our country. Ouch.
  2. Most of us suspected Fauci and his involvement in the whole affair and the cover up. This does not surprise me at all. He can’t let the truth out or he is world class pariah forever.
  3. By torture you mean average behavior at a football season frat party?
  4. Well that’s true. For sure nobody can understand what Biden is saying.
  5. Our most highly ranked president is below 11th grade?
  6. Do you ever listen to what you write?
  7. The verdict was split: Jurors rejected Carroll’s claim that she was raped, finding Trump responsible for a lesser degree of sexual abuse. Same result would have occurred had Joe Biden been subject to the same trial scenario as Trump. Two tiers still exist.
  8. Not really working for Hunter yet. 1 for 3 is okay I guess. Brothers widow is stretching the game a little but a crackhead will do that to get what he wants.
  9. A civil court which requires no proof. No the ptb refused to take her seriously because her perp is, well, Joe Biden, and we can’t have that.
  10. Solid analysis. Does posting something for 20 pages make it true?
  11. Probably hit a liberal anyway. Not voting for him. Verdict: true. Completely irrelevant to the other statement. Thanks for helping me with my case.
  12. You think somebody is going to drink cyanide if Trump tells them to? What a moron.
  13. Nothing really. Climate changes all the time whether we fret about it or not. Is that what you want? No change? No change in climate would be completely irrational. Like most of your posts.
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